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Detached observer and Trikaldarshi #15

Embodiment_of_Solutions _15 Mohini_Didi September 15, 2023

Om Shanti!

I have really been very touched by the Avyakti signals this time, especially with the topic of being an image of solutions. Everyone talks about problems. One yukti is that your intellect doesn’t become problematic in the sense that you think about how it will happen. Dadi Janki doesn’t even like the word ‘how’. She says “not how, say this is the way”. Not ‘how’ or ‘when it will happen?’ I think that through our inner attitude, through our pure thoughts, each one of us has to become an image of solutions because when there is darkness, it’s the light which helps. Sometimes you might not know what exactly the solution is, but at least say ‘Baba’ then whatever happens will be very good. There will be some benefit in that we are Baba’s children, Baba is our companion. Give yourself some very beautiful points and help yourselves to not be consumed by the problem. If they are vast, if they are there and we don’t see them and take them as normal, you will see how you are able to manage. Whether it’s in a relationship or a situation with the task, keep that aim.

Our homework for tomorrow is very beautiful, but I think it needs a lot of introversion and understanding. It is that of a detached observer and trikaldarshi. The problem is that when I am receiving, I am taking, I am not detached. Now the problem has become part of you. I know there are a lot of experiences of body sickness and mind. Even if you take a little bit on yourself and you are not completely detached, your energy just drops. If you just say, “soul is okay”, you are able to remember Baba, your mind is good, your concentration is good. The body has to be fixed from time to time. Remain detached. Remember that if you want to find a solution or if you always see the solution, that means while listening you are just feeling this is the way we can do it. These good thoughts of hope come when you are a detached observer and also trikaldarshi.

I think we still have to work deeply on what is the stage of trikaldarshi. Even if we have the definition: past, present, future, I feel that your mind, your thoughts have to be free from past and future. Baba says clear mind and for that clean mind. Clear mind can see a vision, you will have a kind of clarity that this is the future, this is how it will happen. I remember with a few situations I just in one second felt, we got that, it will happen, but I think it had a lot of connection with being a detached observer. Everyone else was sad because it didn’t happen. Suddenly I had this thought, don’t worry, it’s going to happen and it did happen. It took six months actually. If you keep the trust then it will happen. It may not be immediately, but it does happen.

Have the stage of being a detached observer and of being trikaldarshi because both of these are the stages of a maharathi. No matter how fearsome a situation may be or how big a problem may be, because your stage is high the situation will then be small. That’s another thing to remember, if my stage is high, the situation is small. If my stage is ordinary, the situation is big, because you look from bottom to top. When you look from top to bottom, it is always small. Once we are not attached, then use the stage of trikaldarshi and you will not experience a situation to be a big deal nor will you experience it to be fearsome because when you see any big situation, what comes is fear.

I have noticed that whenever there is a crisis or something shakes, it will be different, but something better has to emerge. There was something not working and it had to work, so something happened. That’s what some of the things in situations I had been noticing. Even if somebody called me about this or that, I said, “Well something better will come, it will get sorted out, it must be Baba’s, drama’s plan”. I think that trikaldarshi could also be seeing that everything will be good, correct. This is your homework for tomorrow. I am sure as much as you churn on that, your clarity will come and you will be able to be a detached observer and trikaldarshi.

Om Shanti.

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