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Detached from sorrow #14

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_14                Mohini_Didi                 March 14, 2024   

Om Shanti!

Baba’s children, emperor children, emperor of the land free from sorrow. I had never thought that you would be attached to sorrow. You can be attached to happiness; you can be attached to people. Today, Baba is saying that you should be detached from sorrow. I know that in some of the religions in the path of bhakti, they believe that sorrow is also a gift of God, so you should accept it, you should remain sad. There are some who punish themselves by being in sorrow. This is how we are able to settle our karmic accounts, so they allow themselves to suffer, to be in sorrow, or to be depressed. I know in Christianity also some say that for three days I am punishing myself, so I have to remain in sorrow, I have to starve myself. So, they think that by making their mind and body suffer, they are settling karmic accounts. So, I think there is this habit or some kind of faith or some concept of allowing yourself to suffer or to make yourself suffer, and that is why Baba is saying that you should be detached. Especially now at the Confluence Age, our relationships should be to give happiness and take happiness. Also, because we know we are going to the land of happiness, so I should not have any thoughts, my nature or sanskars, any habits that cause sorrow. It’s really interesting to see how people get really upset or angry and then they will cry, they will repent, they will be sad. Oh, I shouldn’t have done that, it shouldn’t have happened. They do it, they create it, then they suffer from that. 

So, today’s homework is to be detached from sorrow. On seeing and hearing about the situations of the waves of sorrow of the children, BapDada thinks they are the children of the ocean of happiness, the emperors of the land without sorrow, so where did the waves of sorrow come from? Baba says that wherever Brahmin souls are, even if they are in the midst of an atmosphere of sorrow, they are like lotus flowers. So, you are detached from sorrow, an emperor of the land without sorrow. Baba says that no waves of sorrow can pull you towards them. You must have seen that when there is an accident, people are hurt and people who are passing by will express sympathy, they will express their sorrow, their sadness, because of the injured ones in the accident. So, there are many situations where you are not involved, but still you feel sorrow, you take that sorrow, make yourself sad because of the situations with others. So, Baba is giving us homework, a very interesting one, to be detached from sorrow. So, definitely we will think about it, reflect on that, and inculcate this habit that Baba wants us to do.

Om Shanti


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