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I Am A Point And The Father Is Also A Point #16

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_16 Mohini_Didi April 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

It’s so natural, Baba is making it easy. Every day just practice a little bit and become complete, become an angel, but what is the connection of time with the Angelic stage? Is time helping us? Are we bringing time close, or time is helping us to come close to the stage of perfection? We know that the clock is moving. Both clocks are moving, the clock of the world and the clock of 24 hours. So, it's just a kind of feeling of the connection of the time helping us to reach our stage of perfection. I remember one time Brahma Baba said that someone said, “Baba, I'm doing a lot of effort.” Baba said, “Then you will have to wait, because you won't just go alone.” It’s the time when many of us have to go together. So, Baba used to say that it’s just like you know there is a train or a ship. There are so many passengers, and if a few passengers arrive early, the train won't leave early. It will leave on time. Some souls say, “Oh, I don't need to rush then, I don't have to hurry because there is time.” It's not that, but how do you know practically? Through awareness and in actions sometimes we feel that yes I am really reaching that stage. Baba said this morning that the intellect goes in actions and then awareness is lost or faded, but we need to reach a stage where awareness is in our practical life and actions. While doing actions, we have to have remembrance, while doing action, we have to use all the treasures, whether we call that Raja yoga karma yoga. Baba said that it is Raja Yoga because we are kings and should have total control over our mind, intellect, and sanskars. King means control, ruling power.

So, I think that it's like awareness in our form. Baba had been saying that everything should be now in the emerged form. That is visible through your face, through your activity, and your interactions with others. That's why today Baba said that relationship is the first, then attainments, and the third is the soul’s power that means through your body. One is through the body doing service like speaking, or doing karma yoga. The other is that your vibrations are of Baba’s remembrance, the vibrations are peaceful. That means you are creating an atmosphere while doing, no tension, no force, nothing. Even if you are giving the course, giving knowledge to someone, are they feeling that? Does it sound real or just intellectual information, intellectual reasoning? Baba always used to say that you cannot prove anything, you don't have to argue to convince anyone. You have to speak the Truth and those who are ready to receive, they will receive it. So it is through silence that, whatever we say, we are saying in that reality we all have realized, so others will also feel that way. So now the service will be like that. Yesterday, Baba said that as your stage is becoming complete, you will be detached. You don't have to say or have to be detached, you will become detached.

So today also our Avyakti signal is very interesting. Baba is saying to become complete. You just need to remember two words and every time you listen to these two words, we have a different meaning and different understanding. One is “I am a point” and “Baba also is a Point”. Baba is also saying that Baba is not only a point, but He is also an Ocean. You know, within I, as a point, there is a whole world. In this point of light, there is a whole world. My part of the whole cycle is within that point. Baba is a Point, He is the Ocean, but then I need to be both too, right? Whole world is within the point, but Baba is saying not to go into the details, but just be a point. Let everything be totally merged, and that is silence. That is our eternal stage, everything is merged, and then when the soul has to play the part, then it definitely emerges. So, Baba is saying that when you have remembrance of Baba as a point and you as a point, then your stage is consistent. It doesn't fluctuate. Then there is direction of One, and then you are helpers in God’s task. You are occupied in the task of One. We don't want to go into detail. Like you understand what the point is and you don't like to go in detail. Some people just want to know everything, everything, and time comes, you are so detached, you know everything in the sense in essence, and there is no interest in detail.

So these are some of the qualities Baba says you will experience when you are close to the stage of perfection. There is no interest in details. If you really need to go into expansion, it's only for service. If there is no need to go in expansion, just be a point and don't allow your intellect to keep going on, even for service. Baba is saying that some days, the intellect really goes on and on. I was finding that since morning, I woke up, you know my thoughts were a lot into how to serve more. Then I came to know about this Earth Day on Saturday. So, I said we are not visible, we are so much in and private. Why not every place, every Baba's home, to do sunrise meditation? So, I started calling and I said, “Oh look at what time is sunrise. Can we do it? Then after some time, I said, “Let me be a point now.” It was good in a way, because I feel it is something new we have to do, something different. This will create enthusiasm, otherwise, we are in a routine. Let's do something new, something different, but a point came, then I had to say, “That's it.” So, Baba says that it is good, but also use the point. Become a point so that you have, as Baba says, a clear mind. There is more power also when you are a point. Baba is saying that this is the easy method to become complete. So even to get the task done, it's not just thinking, it means power for that to happen in practical. So using the point, remembering Baba as Point, Baba as Ocean, go in details as much necessary, if not, just be a point.

It's an interesting point, and some of the points are only when you practice, you become the embodiment. Then you start seeing the significance, otherwise, what's the point? So, for today our homework will be to apply these two points. Where to go in details, how much, be essenceful, think of Baba as a Point and Ocean. So, enjoy playing today with these two points.

Om Shanti

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