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Detached and Loving, A Child and A Master #20

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence20 Mohini_Didi                January 20, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Baba's knowledge is Truth, and truth is something you can understand through the intellect. It's okay, I understand, but to create that stage and to be embodiment, we have to practice, to experience for the self, and to bring into interaction with others and relationships. When we talk about being detached and lovely, we all know and understand that there should be balance. So one is more measurement and one is different like a” sea saw” game. Only I can understand what it is to be detached and lovely in practice, where I need to be detached, and where I need to be lovely. Even if I  explain, what I would share is my experience. I get involved wherever I feel is necessary. I am unnecessarily taking interest in knowing more, or taking sides, because both parties could be okay, I don't want to be judgmental. In this way, I can stay lovely. So, as I said, each one of us has to experience it, and has to feel it. It might be different every day. The understanding could increase, could change, become clearer about what it really means to be detached and lovely. It is the same as it is to be a child and master. I know this came up when we had our first meeting during Brahma Baba’s time. So everyone gave their own ideas. So Didi Manmohini said, “Baba will come and then whatever Baba says, just be a child and listen and accept”. When it comes to giving ideas be master, give ideas, but when it is finalized, don't keep saying that I should not give ideas, that they don't listen. Complaints are coming, but when something is decided, be a child and be cooperative. We are children of the Yagya. Masters could be taking responsibility, I don't have to keep receiving, but I have to give also.

I remember one time we were traveling and we stopped at a center in Jaipur to have breakfast or lunch. So we went in and it was getting late. We are sitting at a table for our breakfast. So this sister was waiting for those who were cooking, they had to serve. We were getting late so I got up and I said that I will help to serve. So in a way, they were happy. The instrument was inspired because when they're doing it she was just standing and telling them to do it fast, but I said you can help also. It is not only understanding but acting and having the feeling when I have to be a child, and when I have to be master. Each one of us has to figure this out for ourselves. There is no value if we just lecture on what is right, but in practical, it's something different. This whole life is about giving and taking, receiving and giving. So, we have to practice. Baba is saying to be detached and loving, a child and master. While having double responsibility, remain double light. By being double light, you will not be tired by your worldly responsibility, because you are a trustee. 

I remember that while doing jobs there was a time, many people asked why I had to work, I didn't need to work. Baba told them they have to continue working. So it's a different feeling that I'm a trustee while working, like Ramesh bhai was a lawyer accountant. He was Baba’s main hand, a very brilliant person. He didn't need to make more money because he had enough savings, but Baba said, “No, you have contacts, you're serving them by working based on shrimat.”. Especially for our tax purposes in India and everywhere. So, Baba has asked you to do, then you feel like a trustee. Baba says, “how can a trustee become tired?” If you think that it is your household, or your family, it becomes a burden. None of it is yours, so how can it be a burden? You are completely detached and a loving child and master. So, when Baba asks us to do something. We feel like a trustee, light. The foundation is to just follow Shrimat, be a trustee so that you can remain double light. Anyways, I'd like you all to practice and have some experiences of when to be a child, and when to be a master. 

Om Shanti

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