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Destroyer of obstacles #24

Embodiment_of_Success_24 Mohini_Didi October 24, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone happy, healthy, free from obstacles? Yes, very good. I was thinking about when Baba said that your main speciality is that you recognized Baba. So, we all have to ask ourselves, did I recognize Baba? I was thinking that we have love for Baba, we have love for the teachings of Baba, and we also have love for all the attainments, because as soon as we recognize Baba, then all the attainments begin. We experience Baba’s love and peace. We have wisdom, knowledge, and powers. So, these are the attainments, but I also like Baba’s teachings. Very gently,very politely in a very royal and humble way, Baba teaches us. The teachings are so subtle, so deep, that when we understand and inculcate those teachings, we can see in our lives the difference in our attitude, in our actions, in our relationships. So, it is very interesting.This morning I was thinking, do I love Baba? Do I love Baba’s attainments, or do I love Baba’s teachings? I realized I love all three; I love Baba, and I love Baba’s teachings, especially when I am listening to Baba’s Murli, my heart just really gets so full. Who else would explain what Baba is explaining? Everything that He explains is very personal, in the sense of my own fortune, my own cycle of karmas. Now, Baba wants us to remember all the time that I am a victorious soul. The thought that I will be victorious in the end, or I will become free from obstacles, destroy obstacles at the end, in a royal way, is a royal form of carelessness, royal Maya. If there is an obstacle, maybe it will go in the end. Baba wants us to be victorious right now. If there is an obstacle, destroy it right now. Baba is calling us to be constantly victorious souls. Baba says that those other thoughts cause obstacles in becoming complete. This carelessness doesn't allow you to become an embodiment of success and an image that is equal to the Father.

Experiencing joy of success everyday; we are so caught up in external and physical doings, sometimes we forget that what is important is our stage of being successful, and our stage of being like Father. So, practice and have the thought, ‘I am a victorious soul, I am a victorious soul’. So become free from those careless thoughts and make your stage that of a destroyer of obstacles. By doing this, all powers will be used in a worthwhile way. Let us take one power, maybe the power to merge. So when we have to merge, you listen to things, but after a few months or years, the same matter appears in the form of wasteful thoughts. “Why did this happen? This shouldn’t have happened.” So, that means you didn’t merge. If you had merged, why did it emerge again? So, today your checking will be to use every power in a worthwhile way, and be victorious all the time. So, remember Baba’s blessing that I am a victorious child of Baba.

Om Shanti

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