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Destined to be Gold #12

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_12 Mohini_Dodi June 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, right? Yeah! Baba's sustenance, right? Baba’s sustenance of beautiful points from the Murli, Baba's sustenance of His love, Baba's sustenance of His power. He said that even those who have come new will be given power, they will be given opportunity, they will be able to come to Madhuban to meet Baba. It seems like generally Baba's program is until the end of March, but a special meeting in April was arranged for new ones to come. Baba is the Father of all of us whether we are old in gyan or new, and Baba knows that all the new ones also have to reach to perfection. They also have to reach the stage of what old ones reached, so then Baba's help is there, Drama will help us. Many new ones ask, “What will happen to us? You all spent so many years making efforts, what about us?” Baba always says that you get the butter or the cream of everything, knowledge has been experimented, you look at the examples and this way, the knowledge given is very clear, very simple. I remember when we came in the beginning, there was nothing like a seven days course. Of course knowledge was very simple and clear and also it was explained with no examples, just original knowledge. So, it does create wisdom, but even today, those who understand can understand knowledge very clearly. So much sustenance is being given to us by Baba. No one can say that Baba is not here. Baba is sustaining us. Yesterday or today, Baba said in Murli that yes, meeting Baba was through Sakar Baba then through Dadi Gulzar, but even Baba said that you don't necessarily need a corporeal form to meet Baba. You can have an avyakti milan. So, Baba is giving us practice or a signal that a time will come where you all have to depend more on celebrating an avyakt meeting. So it's a very beautiful way that Baba is sustaining us, and that sustenance is keeping us very well.

How do I feel that I am getting power? I think our moving forward, our ability to do, is Baba's power. Some are what we call eight powers of Raj yoga, but another is where you find there is courage in your life, there is enthusiasm, and I feel that that's Baba’s power. There are many Baba’s tasks that we are able to do because of Baba's power. Sometimes some Baba's children don't understand whether they are being loved by Baba or not, if they are receiving power or not. How do I know? Baba's love is always there. It's not like human love, it's a love that very deeply comforts the soul. It's the love that makes the soul feel very secure, and creates a lot of trust. It's Baba's love, and it is the same with power. Of course, we have to keep our intellect very clean. When intellect is clean, we are able to experience, especially, our feelings. Things happen sometimes but as quickly as possible, just make it very clean.

The practice that we are taking is to let the mind be very quiet, a peaceful mind, silent mind. Even if something happens, sometimes there could be turbulence but quickly change it, and that is power. When the mind is peaceful, the mind can be still or just in deep silence. It's very beautiful. In the early morning, even during the day, I just sit and let the mind be very quiet, even for a few moments. When we say peaceful mind, it could be quiet, it could be still, it could be in silence, and when we don't think even for a few moments, it feels beautiful. Many times, we don't want to think but thinking is continuous, the mind keeps working, but whenever we have a chance we don't really need to think about anything. So, let me be in silence. Make time for this. Now okay, people are talking or interacting and that's not what my interest or subject is, I can remain quiet. Let my mind be quiet, and that's all I do very often during the day. With this practice, you are recharged. Baba keeps saying, “Accumulate, your stocks are empty.” So, whether it is mind stock, or stock in the intellect of knowledge, the stock has to be full.

I remember that whenever we asked Baba about our destination, Baba said that He will take us all with Him. That's why Baba is still in the subtle regions. We all have the thought to go with Baba. I always say that if you pass through anywhere as VIPs, you won't be checked. So, you can go with Baba lovingly, singing sweetly. Baba sometimes does mention Dharamraj or Supreme Judge, but then if my relationship with Baba is of Father-Teacher-Satguru, you won't feel like you're walking or going with the Supreme Judge. He's also our Father. He's also our Teacher. So, as much as I have love for Father-Teacher-Satguru, and then the same Father is the Supreme Judge. That's fine, but you will still feel that He’s my Father. So, the Supreme Judge is the Father, even in lokik. Yes of course, when he is in his chair, but otherwise he is the father. I always have deep feelings, lots of love for Baba, and I like His part as Supreme Judge. Baba always says, “Children, after belonging to Baba, don't do anything that defames Father's name.” So, if I keep the honour, the dignity of my Father all the time, my thoughts, words, actions, connect with God immediately. If we are not doing anything wrong, then doubts will not come. So, that is why Baba says that your thinking and your actions should be the same, your speaking and actions, also. It shouldn’t be that you are saying something, but in practice, in actions, it doesn't match. I think we can do that if we pay attention that our thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. So, our destiny or destination is there for us to reach our golden stage. I like the golden sanskars of “having a peaceful mind”.

Om Shanti

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