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Children of the Lord and Master of the World! #11

Updated: May 29

TreasureofHappiness_11    Mohini_Didi         May 11, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is happy, right? What about dancing? Is it easy for you to just dance? When there is super sensuous joy there is intoxication, where the body in a very natural way, it is very light, and it moves in a very musical way. I know that hands want to move, feet move, maybe we don't get up, but it does happen. Baba has only one wish; that we all should be happy all the time. Baba’s wish also helps us to look at every scene of Drama and be joyful, because there is always some benefit in every scene of Drama. Every situation helps us to sometimes settle karmic accounts, and sometimes create opportunities. Actually, everything there is a chance to create fortune. So, when we belong to Baba, we can constantly create fortune. Now we know, whether it is making efforts for the self or helping others doing some service or other. Service always makes us happy, and if we are happy, we can do more service. Once Baba said that in today's world, no one is happy, but when they see us happy, they also feel happy. So being happy and then giving happiness is also service. We had been noticing that it's not just giving knowledge, and then you are heavy, you are in your problems, you are worrying. You are giving gyan, and will help you, but it won't give much to the souls. So it's good to be happy, it’s a big service. Whether it is lokik people or the BK family, when they see someone who is content and loving, even if they don't say anything, they receive that from us. If I'm in Baba’s love, everyone feels that love. These days, love, happiness, peace, power, to bestow all of this, is to be in that stage. Then you'll be still, others receive, and they feel happy. Baba was also saying that for little things, don't get confused. Sometimes it happens, you are on the road, there is a crossing and you're not sure which way we should go. So instead of getting confused, you stop for two minutes and just look around, make sure which is the right direction, and then go in that direction. So don't waste time in getting confused, but create that clarity and choose that direction. 

So today, Baba is saying that we are children of the Lord and the Master of the world. This is quite a big title. Baba had said recently that if you have self-sovereignty, you are master of the world. Self-sovereignty promises that you will not become confused over trivial matters, that you will not become a problem, but one who solves problems. We are the children of the Lord and master of the world. Constantly continue to dance in this intoxication and happiness. Your hand is in Father's hand, so constantly continue to dance in Father's company. When I hear this, I start imagining the days and the time spent with Brahma Baba. Even when the Dadis came, within a second all of our burdens, all our worries just disappeared. It was their stage, their vibrations. So at the Confluence Age, the blessing of being double light has to be experienced. Think of this promise tomorrow very often, even if you all are busy. It’s Mother's Day, and I also want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day. So, you might not be mothers in the lokik way, but spiritual mothers, with a loving and caring nature. As much as there is loving and caring nature, others get nurtured. We are able to take care of them in many different ways, especially understanding the feelings of everyone. Based on understanding, you fulfill their thoughts, their desires. So, to all the mothers, have a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. 

Om Shanti

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