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Look at your sanskars as a detached observer #24

Updated: Apr 27

Harmonising_Sanskars_24                  Mohini_Didi                    April 24, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba is talking about love. Each one of us, we have love for Baba, but at the Confluence Age, we are interacting with Baba in person. On Sunday, Baba said that we are very fortunate to get sustenance from God. I was thinking if we compare ourselves to what people’s minds are like, what are they going through? Some of the things are circumstances, but some are their own habits, their own sanskars. So they go through a lot, but belonging to Baba, our thinking, our relationship, lifestyle, everything is very different. Baba is teaching us as a Teacher and guiding us as a Guru. We get Baba’s sustenance, Baba’s study, and also attainments. So think of your fortune all the time and compare that with what lokik people go through. For us, whatever happens, in remembrance of Baba, you make it very light. It's not only knowledge, but Baba said that we have all the powers, may not be 100%, but we have each power. Like yesterday, Baba was talking about tolerance. We have so much tolerance compared to lokik people. We are able to stop or change the wasteful thoughts also. So, today Baba is saying to look at your sanskars, what is emerging? One is what is emerging, and one is what I emerge? What do I create? I have to not have the sanskar of argument, battling, but be a bestower, like a deity. 

So, tomorrow is our homework of observing our sanskars, changing them, or sacrificing them, and putting them in the fire of yoga. It’s a very simple point, but it made me think, and you all must be thinking too. When did I observe my sanskar? What type of sanskars emerge, do I observe them? Do I observe as a detached observer, or do I get disheartened, lose hope, and say that I don't think I can change my sanskars. If you are a detached observer, you will not lose your power, whether power to discern or power to change. We need power, right? If I am influenced by sanskars, then I lose that power. So, I think we all will reflect on that, and do our homework. Baba is saying to look at your sanskars as a detached observer. Just as you look at other’s sanskars as a detached observer, in the same way, also look at your sanskars of the tamopradhan stage as a detached observer, and then finish them. Just experience these sanskars being sacrificed into the sacrificial fire. By thinking in this way, you will, Baba said, constantly continue to have success. We always look at the success of service and programs and how many people, but our success really is personal, and that is progress, transformation, improvement in one’s own self. That is my success. So, I like that Baba is saying that you are able to sacrifice your tamoguni sanskars. 

This morning, Baba was saying in the Murli that it is through remembrance that you become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Even if Baba is with me and my energy is not sato, there are still karmic accounts, or many different things that can affect the soul. Baba was saying to have all the powers, not only a few. So, even if Almighty Baba is with me, and I am very weak, I won't be able to take from Baba. Once Baba gave an example that you are given very nurturing good food, but your digestion system is very weak, so it will not help you. I had been feeling that we all have to keep to all the powers. We all have to keep those powers, keep the effort, emerge those sanskars, then you can take more from Baba. You have to become equal, not 100%, but at least children of God. So what should be the qualities? Like the Father, right? Maybe I'm not 100%. So, in becoming equal, you’re able to receive power, you are able to receive love and receive everything. We are partners of Baba, companions of Baba, but not dependent on Baba. Do you understand? That means we have to have courage, and then you get help. If I lose courage, I can’t feel the help. So, make good efforts and keep your satoguni stage, so that you can receive all the help from Baba. 

Om Shanti 

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