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Controlling power and ruling power #25

Embodiment_of_Success_25 Mohini_Didi October 25, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone well? So happy to see the family, Avyakti Parivar, each one of you, everyone of Baba’s children has to remain okay. So we are okay and we will always be okay, right? That's Baba's blessings and that's our determination, we will keep ourselves always okay. Baba likes these two words ‘ok’, right? So, the signal today has two levels of use. One I thought is a revision of all the points of knowledge. Whichever point we might have missed, or didn't pay attention to, or didn't practise, or become an embodiment of that. We get another chance, a very great opportunity to practise the points of knowledge, churn on them, try to understand, and also become an embodiment. I think we have heard these points many times, but we will look at how much we really did at that time, in the practical sense. So today’s point is ‘controlling power and ruling power’. If you try to rule something and you haven't controlled it, how will it feel? You know, I don't know how many of you have seen that when the horse is in the jungle, it has to be trained to be a horse that can follow the direction of the master, whether to give you a ride or pull a horse carriage. If the horse runs on its own, it's very wild. Baba is saying that your subtle powers are mind, intellect, and sanskars. They are the ones who really govern our life. So, if they are under our control and they follow the rules of Shrimat, the directions of Shrimat, that means that subtle power is under my control. Now, I have to rule it, in other words, use it in an appropriate way. Ruling is using, right? So we look at our subtle powers and see how much the mind is under control. I can use the mind, whether it's concentration, churning of knowledge, or silence, whatever I want in my life, through my subtle power of mind, am I able to do it? This is called ruling power. So it's very interesting. The more I think about it, the more I find it’s really very important. There is a lot of connection of the subtle powers of the self in relationship with others, whether they are souls who are Baba’s children, or there are souls who haven't yet become Baba’s children. So my relationship with both is very important.

So, what do we have to do if we find our relationships, once in a while, are not as they should be? What is lacking, and how I can have controlling power and ruling power, is very important. So, it's a very beautiful point, we should very sincerely and seriously think about it, reflect on it, and imbibe these powers. Those who are able to handle their subtle powers are also able to handle others. It's not a common word, ‘handle’, but in the Yagya, it’s very common. These days, it’s still not being used much, but there was a time when one would say, “How did you handle a situation? How did you handle the other person, in other words, how did you manage?” Did you manage well with all the situations with lokik people, with Brahmins? Did you really really manage well, in relationships, interactions with them? That's really what the knowledge is about, to implement that knowledge not only for the self but for relationships, because that is where our karmas come. Karma is through what we say to people, when you sit sometimes and people share their stories of when it was very sad for them or they were hurt about something. I immediately think then how careful we should be of what we are saying to people. Any day, a person could go into that mode and say how I was treated, and what I was told. Words really are printed in the hearts of people. So it's also subtle, the power to discern and then decide about what should be my behaviour, my interactions with others.

So whenever I hear the stories of people's hurt, at that time, just imagine, am I getting blessings, or somewhere internally I feel either powerless or feel not being blessed? Past is past, but at least at present love and contentment should be in our behaviour. What is contentment? You have to appreciate everyone. No one is perfect and everyone is trying their best. 80% of it works very well, so we discredit the 80% and we keep talking about the 20%. It's a very subtle attitude; either of your frustration with you, or if there is any particular sanskar, a subtle power, that is not in your control. So a lot can be said about it but I just reached up to the point, ‘Controlling power and ruling power over the self become accurate handling power for everyone’. How do you take care of a situation? In other words, we don't say ‘handle’, but how did you take care of that person? Whether you handle souls without knowledge in service, or whether you have interactions with Brahmin souls filled with love and contentment, you will be successful in both. I like it very much when Baba says ‘love and contentment’, because frustration is not from outside. When you are very calm, you are peaceful, you are loveful, you are content. When you don't have feelings of love, feelings of peace, or gratitude, then there is always something that frustrates you, and frustration is not a good mood. So, our energy then affects every task that we do or that we are responsible for. So, be very positive, have control over your subtle powers, and use them with a lot of love and contentment.

Om Shanti

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