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Control Your Mind and Intellect #18

Volcanic_Yoga_18 Mohini_Didi August 18, 2023

Om Shanti!

How many more pieces of wood do you have to put to increase the flame of volcanic yoga everyday? Listening and then practicing what Baba says in Avyakti Signals, the flame increases. When the flame increases then definitely whatever has to be burned is very easy. Baba had been talking about not only volcanic yoga, but volcanic remembrance. For that what is required is intense love. The fire of love also increases the flame of volcanic yoga. It took a long time, but now it has become very clear what volcanic yoga is and how much yoga is connected with our dharna. If our dharna is good, then yoga will also be very powerful.

In Sunday’s Murli, Baba spoke about the personality of purity. Baba uses the word ‘clean’ and I call it more ‘unadulterated’. Anything mixed with something won’t be called pure. Baba also talks about unadulterated remembrance and that remembrance is very powerful. If it is mixed, whether it is with desires, wasteful thinking or lack of contentment all that doesn’t create the authority of the personality of purity. Pure is one thing. Baba said many people in the world because of circumstances live celibate lives, but that’s not the only purity. Even to have wasteful thoughts, we lose a lot of time and power. Baba says that also is a kind of impurity. If there’s a lack of contentment, then your mind just keeps going on with “why, what, when”, a lot of wasteful thoughts come. When there is purity, there is contentment and when there is contentment, you don’t have wasteful thinking. It’s very important for us as we do our homework tomorrow to check if any adulteration happens. It’s very subtle, it could be your desires, influence from your past sanskars, many reasons.

What Baba is saying today is to control the mind and intellect. Baba is explaining control as concentration. Many times a day, even for a few minutes, during traffic control or any other few minutes, just look at your mind and intellect. Can the mind and intellect be in concentration? Baba says when there is concentration you will have good yoga. It’s very easy to observe because mind wandering or intellect stumbling is very common. It happens just in a few minutes. If we have proper control or practice of concentration, we will not be deceived in the end. If there is not enough practice then many mistakes can happen, impurities can influence us. The main thought is to control your mind and the intellect.

In order to make your yoga as intense as fire, continue to practice becoming the form of a point in a second and concentrate your mind and intellect. As soon as you say to your mind stop, the body consciousness should leave you in a second. That means your mind and intellect is free from body consciousness. Baba is saying use this type of controlling power throughout the whole day. Baba says control your mind and intellect with the powerful brake. Every vehicle has an accurate brake. If you don’t stop the car where you should, a big accident can happen. That’s what happens in our lives, we could say something or think about something which is not useful. Baba is saying to focus your mind and intellect where ever you want within a second. Sometime it takes time, but practice all the time, so that it will take one second.

What we need to do is reflect on these thoughts. While reflecting, also practice. Our Amrit Vela is 45 minutes, we do evening yoga also, but during day while being a karma yogi stop and practice. Baba’s children are always busy, they have so much to do, that is why it is important. Those who are not busy, don’t need control. When we have this kind of practice, it will be very useful to accomplish our task. Concentration is a big power because it has creativity and lightness. There are some souls who are not very content and the reason is their inner frustrations or mind is very scattered. We know remembrance is soul consciousness, applying drama. Baba talks about the three dots, so apply. Generally they say think before speaking, Dadi Janki said, think before even thinking. That means paying attention to the quality of our thoughts. When there is power in thoughts, that seed of the thought brings a lot of fruits. Every task is accomplished so take this homework of controlling our mind and intellect.

Om Shanti

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