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Constantly Remain Light In Service #23

Construct_the_New_World_23 Mohini_Didi July 23, 2023

Om Shanti!

How is everyone? Okay? Baba had been talking about awareness and relationships. Today, Baba is talking about service and Baba's children, and I think everyone has a lot of interest in service. They feel that we are creating fortune, but also, it's the need of the people. A lot of people these days are under stress or tension, anxiety. Especially anxiety, very subtly, what will happen? How will it happen? Will it happen or not? So, service in a way is very good because your intellect works, you have to churn. Keeping busy at the Confluence Age is very important. So, that's why Baba is saying that you love to do service but remain light. Each one of us feels heaviness in a different way. So we have to check, where do I feel heavy? Is it when there is not enough response? Is it that my happiness, lightness depends on when everything is easy, not complicated? Is it when everyone is accepting everything? What keeps me happy, enlightened, and what keeps me feeling burdened? For some, it's too much to do, they feel very heavy, but when we say that service has to increase, we have to do more and more. If we sincerely do it, we get cooperation, many come and help us and it becomes very easy. So I think it's very interesting to churn on this, look at yourself and also then practise to remain light when you notice what is making you heavy.

Baba is saying especially that a server is one who is constructive while remaining very humble. All upsetting and all subtle things which happen, somewhere our ego is hurt or our self-respect, but we don't allow that to happen. That humility is important. Humility is the means of success in service. Baba keeps saying ‘remain humble’. Baba says that we should be humble like Brahma Baba. You know he could have had so much ego, but he never had ego. If you are humble, you will remain light in service, and when you are not humble, then you want respect. Then that becomes a burden, and those who are burdened come to a halt. We won't do service for a while. Many do give up and take a break, and it's because of the ego, and because of some expectations or desires. I remember one time I gave the course to a few and no one came after that, I was very new. So I told Baba, “I made effort for eight days, every day, one and half hours.” Baba said, “That was your training. You didn't lose anything even if they didn't come. At least you know that you can give a proper course.” So, Baba always used to take us on a positive side, think that way, so that there is no burden. Those who have burdens cannot go fast. Therefore, whenever you feel that you have a burden, you must understand that you are not humble. Sometimes it's not you feeling a burden, and some believe that if you are humble, people can keep putting more burden on you. It comes also when you're doing karma yoga. If you are very good, you get to do more and more.

So, definitely I have to balance, but always remember to remain light, not carry any burden. What happened one hour ago is finished so why am I carrying it? I always say that sometimes Baba's children carry a lot. There is all renunciation, but internally, they carry or hold something. Immediately, whatever happened, instead of carrying, we can just drop it there. So, I think there might be many churnings, reflections, and when you practice, you will see the difference, that your speed increases. Baba is making it happen, Drama is accurate, and I am moving forward. So be light while doing service.

Om Shanti


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