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Constantly Remain Humble and Busy in the Task of Construction #19

Construct_the_New_World_19 Mohini_Didi July 19, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? Everyone well? That’s good! Baba wants to see our faces blossom like flowers. Our face, expression of face, even the color of the face, brightness of the face, depends on our mood. It is very normal that there are so many situations. One, if we start thinking about that, then the energy becomes low, and this could happen anytime. A few minutes before going on a flight, I suddenly thought, "Oh, I'm getting on the plane and it will be so many hours, will somebody be around me or not?” Then I said, “Well, Baba will be with me.” So, that means you have to make effort. Make Baba your Companion, Baba is your Friend. Create the presence of Baba. Then you start thinking, is this the sensible decision to make or was it out of emotion? So, a lot of thoughts can come in the mind, and then the energy and mood is based on that. Ultimately, we have to become victorious. Baba said that there should be enthusiasm, there should be love for Baba, so that everything is consistent. I think that's the aim of everyone. Sometimes it could be a situation, but sometimes it could be sanskars or different things. So, that is why we need to keep our mind, intellect engaged in churning, reflections, and planning for service. You have to keep your mind and intellect busy. So for that, again, Baba is saying to constantly remain humble and busy in the task of construction.

I think Baba’s children have so much love for service. We want to serve through thoughts, words, actions, mind, body, wealth, everything. Why does Baba have to give us these Avyakti signals to create the stage? If service is done and our stage hasn’t become stable, we’re not victorious, right? So, Baba wants our stage and service, both to be kind of the same, an achievement. Of course success is always there, but if we have a good stage, then success is easy and natural. So Baba is saying that to the extent that you have self esteem, you should also have humility. Humility is not to be submissive or subservient. Humility is your own self respect. Baba said to let there be no arrogance in your self esteem. Even very subtly “I am this or I am this”, anything comes in your awareness, then vibrations are there of arrogance. Baba is saying that you should not feel that you are more elevated than those who are younger than you. I think younger ones are also very brilliant. They also have a lot of specialties, love for Baba, and faith in Baba. There must be no feeling of dislike for anyone. No matter what souls are like, look at them with the vision of mercy. Mercy is very important, souls are not able to play their part the way they should.

So, Baba says to have the vision of mercy. There should be no arrogance or feeling of insulting others. Normally, we won't do that. There should never be this type of behavior in your Brahmin life, Brahmin birth. When there is no arrogance, Baba says that you won't feel insulted when you are insulted. Such souls would constantly remain humble and busy in the task of construction. So go deeper into that. I find that when we start creating that awareness or we start watching ourselves, our responses to whether people or the situations begin to change. Then at least we know how I can have more practice. Like I was thinking I have a vision of mercy, because that soul’s part is like that, but your mercy could at least keep the drishti, which could help that soul.

So, tomorrow's homework that Baba has given us is to have no arrogance, and never feel insulted. I remember when we came to Gyan, people had a lot of misunderstandings about the Brahma Kumaris. Why do we sit with open eyes? Why do we wear white clothes? Why do we have to wake up early in the morning? A lot of questions and a lot of misunderstanding, but we never felt bad. Anyone who defamed us, humiliated us, we maintained our self respect, because they are arrogant, they are ignorant. So, have mercy on them. I like this practice very much of having a vision of mercy on the other souls.

Om Shanti


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