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Constantly Absorbed and Lost in God’s Love #28

Embodiment_of_Solutions_28 Mohini Didi September 28, 2023

Om Shanti!

You saw our dear beloved Ganesh is gone, immersed in the ocean, and people get very emotional. For nine days they worship, they cook food, they feed, they do everything, new clothes, new ornaments. It's just like taking care of a real person. Then they have to go and immerse it in the ocean. So, I asked them what the reason was. They said that it's very expensive to worship every day because they have to make Bhog, they have to have a space at home or somewhere, otherwise they have to build a temple. They cannot leave any idol without being worshiped, so that is why they do it. Baba tells us about ascending degrees and descending degrees. We become worship worthy and then gradually the degrees decline. Baba is the ocean, we emerge from the ocean of Baba’s knowledge. Baba gives us that, then again we emerge and we become worship worthy. In bhakti it’s like a cycle but a very small cycle for nine days symbolically.

For another day or two the homework is on becoming an embodiment of solutions. There will never ever be an end of scenes in Drama. As long as the Drama lasts, there will be scenes. They cannot be the same, and they should not be the same, because if they are the same, there will be no interest. So, every moment as the clock changes the time it goes on, the same way every scene of Drama, every moment in Drama is moving. It’s a cycle, and a cycle means it spins, it moves, and changes happen. So, the best thing is that we shouldn’t call it ‘circumstances’, but we should call it scenes of Drama. They change, and every time they change, see them as scenes. Some are very beautiful scenes. The task of God’s establishment is increasing, more and more people are getting the message. We share blessing cards with everyone, so these are good scenes of Drama. As we do service, remember that we have to become perfect. As we move towards perfection, we have to settle all our past karmic accounts. So, from the past karmic accounts emerges scenes of Drama. Through remembrance of Baba, we settle past karmic accounts. When there is a difficult scene, a challenging one, then the question of victory comes. If it’s something simple, normal, you don’t need to be victorious, you are already victorious. So always remember that if I have to be victorious over obstacles, difficult situations, just remember they are just scenes of Drama. Baba reminds us to have the thought that it’s all right, I am settling a karmic account and when karmic accounts are settled, then we become karmateet. That means we are detached while doing actions, very lovely, and loving to Baba also.

The homework that is given is also very beautiful. One way is to constantly be absorbed and lost in God’s love. Being absorbed is very good. It is like being in deep water, those who like to swim and those who like to be in water, they are totally in water, and in a way they are lost in enjoying being in the water. Baba is saying that such souls who are absorbed and lost in love have some kind of rays, sparkle of the rays, intoxication. This is the experience of children who remain completely absorbed and lost in God’s love. It’s so powerful, that any problem remains far from them. They come but they are very far, and it cannot even raise its eye to look at them. They cannot have any type of hardship. So, Baba is saying that these days everyone wants to experience peace, love, silence, free from wasteful thoughts. If you have the stage of being absorbed and lost in Baba’s love, then from your personality, your presence, they will have some experiences. Baba says that when they have experiences, naturally their faith will grow. We have to keep in mind to be absorbed and lost in Baba’s love, so others can experience it. We were talking at the summit program that Baba’s presence is incognito. Before we used to say that Baba comes in Brahma Baba, then we say Avyakt Bapdada uses the chariot of Dadi Gulzar. Now the third stage is incorporeal, and that means we have to manifest him, and it is only possible if we ourselves become absorbed and are lost in God’s love so we are revealing Baba. They will not think of you or your greatness, but they will remember Baba. As many souls are able to remind others of Baba, as soon as they remind them and bring the presence of Baba, others can experience Baba, otherwise they cannot. They will still say that Baba doesn’t come, but we say that Baba is always here. We can feel Baba’s presence. Not only presence, but how Baba is able to make things happen because of His very incognito power. He is not visible, but He is visible through us. Our presence should bring Baba’s presence and that is possible if we have the thought of remaining merged and lost in Baba’s love.

Om Shanti


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