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Constant Remembrance, Constantly Merged In Love #24

Honest_Heart_24 Mohini_Didi December 24, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

We can look at our chart, our result, our stage, and then see how much more effort I need. So, two things, one is constant remembrance. How many of us can give ourselves certificates of constant remembrance. Anyone? Just raise your hands. Bhumi behn is asking me to raise my hand, I said ‘no’. So there is constant remembrance and being merged in love. I think both have a connection. As much as I can merge in love. that much. I can be in remembrance. Actually, when there is love, there is no effort for remembrance. Anyone, anything, we love, we always remember. For example, if you could put $10,000 under your pillow and sleep, will you forget that? Or anyone who is beloved to your heart, do you forget that soul? It's both, you don't have to remember, and you don't forget. There is some kind of deep connection there. Sometimes you have the experience of a situation or someone who has really brought a lot of joy for you, support for you, you don't have to remember. There is just natural remembrance which is called smriti. I can't forget that situation. So we have to see where there is love. Love is a great power. We definitely have true love for Baba. So, when I am able to feel God's love in my life, I can share God's love with everyone.

There are some souls who cannot experience God's love or even Baba, because they are caught up into settling and battling Maya in little little things. Even though they have love, they can't experience it, and when they don't experience it, there is conflict, frustrations, unnecessary desires, habits They are caught up into that struggle, and that experience of love from Baba is not there. We know that as much as we go above battling with Maya or settling of sanskars and karmas, love emerges again, and then there is more remembrance of Baba. We want to support everyone on their journey to make them experience God's love, so that the soul is free from laboring. The stage of merging in love is very good. Sometimes for a few moments in the day, I say let me merge in the Ocean of Love. When you really do that, you experience so much strength and power of love, intoxication of love. I think all of us did experience God's love and our renunciation began from there. If each one of us will reflect on how much we have renounced, for example habits, lifestyle, relationships, love for material things. Now there is simplicity, I will never say I like this or I love this, it's just Baba. I like to do Baba's service, I like to serve the family, you never say that I like anything else.

Likeness generally happens with love. When you love someone you like everything about that person. Recognition of power of love and especially true love. Baba wants us to be merged in love. I am seeing these Avyakt signals as practice of preparing ourselves for present and the future circumstances. Yes, on one side, a lot of attainments will be there, as Baba says, when destruction is happening, you will be seeing the Golden Aged scenes, and that's internal. Externally whatever is happening, and internally, you're dancing with Sri Krishna. That's what Baba said will happen. Should happen, but will that be for everyone? We are preparing ourselves to just see how much power is in this love. Stay merged in love and constant remembrance. So today's Avyakti signal of purity of love, true love. So, true love is where you are in remembrance and you just love Baba. Also some love Baba because He will fulfill all desires, or whenever there is difficulty, you need something. Let's have yoga bhattis, let’s remember Baba more, that's not true love. Baba said that remembrance is where you can burn your sinful actions. These days, we always talk about the fire of yoga in which we have to burn sanskars. Recently, I have been thinking about what sinful actions, wrong actions, we need to burn. Also, the quality of thoughts, because whatever karmic accounts are left, they are sanskars, and sanskars create pressure in the mind. You don't want to think in a particular way, but still you keep getting those thoughts, or certain situations, what is left from the past. Baba is indicating that all kinds of settling of those karmic accounts will happen, but you should have the power of pure love. So, very strong rays of light and might will help us to burn our past sanskars, sinful sanskars, wasteful sanskars. Once in a while we experience the influence of those sanskars. It's like they put pressure on you, make you think that way, even if you don't want to. So in pure love, true love, that remembrance becomes like the fire of yoga, because there is total concentration. We are able to receive light and might, and that makes the soul completely pure and free. So, I think look at the strength of love. We always have in front of us the example of Brahma Baba. Whatever happened, Baba was able to settle through yoga, through love, through service. Baba always had a lot of love for every child and gave sakaash for their success to make them free from obstacles. Whenever there was a big obstacle, Baba gave that soul a lot of light and might, so that the soul could be victorious. We all have to be victorious.

So, we are going to celebrate Christmas. I really get fascinated looking at the tree and I always say that for us, we are at the bottom of the tree with the Seed, the roots, doing tapasya. On the top, shining like a star, and the whole world, one is a symbol of a tree, but look at the unlimited number of varieties in the world. The world cycle or kalpa tree is eternal. When it is fully grown, the seeds fall from the fruits and then it again continues to go completely old to new. So, we understand the significance of the Christmas tree with the kalpa tree, souls are eternal, time is eternal, God is eternal, and in that eternity, they go through different stages. Eternity really means there is no beginning and end, and it is true there is no beginning or end. Baba says, “I come to change the old world to new.” He is the Creator, Creator of the New World, it is changing from old to new. There is no end, that is why we say that there is no annihilation, it's only destruction. Annihilation means nothing is left, only water and earth. Baba says that establishment is also happening. So we can celebrate Christmas, why not? We look at Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba is our Santa Claus, is there any time when you don't receive in your Brahmin life, whether in Madhuban or anywhere? He is the one who gives us gifts all the time, fascinating gifts, personal gifts, valuable gifts, so we really could celebrate with all that understanding. I want to wish you all a joyful, Merry Christmas!

Om Shanti


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