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Constant embodiments of all attainments #15

Transformation_of_old_Sanskars_15 Mohini_Didi November 15, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is connecting wasteful thoughts with body consciousness, and Baba said that the force of the waves of wasteful thoughts is very fast. It's like any river or ocean. When there are high tides or when there are high waves and if you are in the water, you won’t be able to control yourself. You will flow in that direction. If there is a situation, whether you yourself or any others start saying things about Baba, about the Yagya, or about anyone else, we have to be very careful not to participate in or listen to that conversation. Sometimes people come to us and they talk and we have to listen, but we listen in our eternal form, and that is soul consciousness. So when you are listening in soul consciousness, you bring Baba in front of you and keep your form of all attainments in the emerged form. Then you will not just flow with the current. I think we all have that experience. We don’t want to waste our thoughts or to waste our time, we don’t get involved in either speaking or listening. You will not join that wave, not get into that wave, because as Baba says, it will be so forceful that even if you want to control it, you will not be able to control it. I thought it’s really wonderful to pay attention to that. I have to become the embodiment of all attainments because some souls live a life of struggle. They have internal struggles and externally also, they have conflict with someone or something, but if you are in soul consciousness, then you will not become a part of it.

Let’s say there is someone in a situation, it could be a personal karmic account of that person, we think that it is others who are doing things to me, and I always feel nobody can do but you allow that to happen to you. I have experiences in my life, people do get upset, but we don’t become part of that. So, how do I not become a warrior, because at that time, it is the stage of the Silver Age, not of the Golden Age. So if you remember that when we come to Baba, we belong to Baba so what happens, you do feel all attainments. Even now people ask us, “What do you need? What does Baba need?” I say never use these words, “What would Baba need?” They meant whatever the Yagya needs. So we immediately say that Baba does not need anything, but if you want to create your fortune, then of course, whatever way you want to help Yagya, whatever you want to contribute, time, karma yoga, whatever way. Didi Manmohini used to tell us that when you are giving something, you should always say ‘thanks’, because Baba has to keep that, and has to give you manyfold or multimillion or whatever way, Baba has to give you back. So, it is very interesting not to have this thought that I have to give or I'm giving, but I am depositing with Baba for the future.

I remember when we had to keep Baba’s box at the centers in foreign countries, should we write ‘donation’? Dadi never liked it. Why will God take your donation? So, then we came up with the word ‘contribution’, you are contributing. If you don’t give, it’s the story of Sudama, that Shri Krishna had to eat a handful of raw rice. He ate one then a second and Rukmani at that time stopped him, she said not to eat the third one because you might have to give the kingdom of all three worlds. He had to eat so that he could give. He had a friendly, loving meeting, but when he was returning, he really didn’t get anything, he had been thinking that he didn’t give anything and had a lot of thoughts, wasteful thoughts. When he reached home, instead of a small hut there was a big palace. His wife came out with a lot of beautiful jewelry, a very rich woman. So when he entered the palace he could not understand at first, then he actually realized the reward of a handful of raw rice that Shri Krishna ate. So there are many benefits of what I offer to Baba, not actually thinking that this is what I will get in return, but having internal faith. Yes, Baba does return. I was sharing yesterday that wealth is Lakshmi, but wealth is also Maya. Some do things to get wealth, which is more under the influence of Maya, lack of honesty. If it is Lakshmi, there will always be abundance and you don’t have to do anything that is not straight forward and not honest.

So how to become the embodiment of all the attainments and be a bestower of them? When we come to Baba, we have a lot of karmic accounts with our body, with our wealth, in relationships, with the self, but belonging to Baba, it’s zero. We say I canceled, I forgive. Now, I will give you something new. Now you consider everything to belong to Baba. I have helped so many souls that they now see what they have after knowledge, it is Baba’s. Before, you could waste time, but now you cannot. Before you spent money, now you cannot. You have to spend according to Baba’s shrimat. Reminding yourself that Baba has given me everything, not only given, but He will also give whenever, whatever is needed. My internal stock and bhandara will always remain full. Baba will feed us, Baba will take care of us, and this is how the Yagya is growing. We think it’s because we do a lot of service. Our bhavna is towards Baba, but also when we become embodiment of all treasures, then everyone’s bhavna is included. We should not have any desires for anything. Whatever the needs are, whether sustenance or service, Baba will fulfill all the needs of us children. Baba has been saying a lot about being an embodiment, soul consciousness, of all attainments. Also be careful not to waste, because now they are not your treasures, but it is Baba who gave you treasures. So, the practice of transforming from waste to worthwhile is very important . We have to be careful and again just be the embodiment of all the attainments and we should practice that.

Om Shanti

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