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Conquerors of Maya #17

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_17 Mohini_Didi November 17, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay? Free from Maya? Maya keeps us busy. There are always some situations, circumstances, problems, but if we are conqueror of Maya, then we pay attention not to allow the waste, whether in thoughts, words, or actions, not even in a subtle way. Baba said in Murli, that one of the forms of Maya these days is also laziness. Laziness can be external but also very subtly of intellect, laziness of mind, like you just don’t want to necessarily think in detail or think properly. You do think whatever way it is, so we have to be the conqueror. Basically, Maya at this time could be very deep illusions, or as Baba said, all five vices. It could be lust, anger, greed, attachment, and arrogance. So, all the disturbances whether in small form or big form are because of one of the vices, very subtle desires, subtle jealousy, and of course, as Baba said, laziness and carelessness. All these are the root cause of all different expressions of Maya. Baba wants us to be conquerors of Maya, and we also have that aim, but we have to pay attention because of any kind of unfulfilled desires. All these are because of body consciousness.

So, Baba is saying that anyone who is caught up in thinking a lot about problems are creating problems even. Give the co-operation of powers and virtues to souls who are weak because of being influenced by their problems. Give powers to those who are weak and their blessings will become a lift for you. We can give power thru thought, words, actions, but our own deep dharna to become conquerors of each vice creates a presence which gives the experience to others to be conquerors. Brahma Baba and all the Dadis, we looked at them as victorious ones, and that inspired us or naturally helped us to grow more capacity. It says that instead of working hard for your effort, experience the reward of the Confluence Age. Learn and teach others how to receive blessings. To be happy and make others happy is to receive blessings. So interesting the connection of happiness and blessings. These blessings will easily make you conqueror of Maya. If you are not happy, you are sad, or your intellect is caught up in whatever other vices, then you won’t be able to give blessings nor receive blessings. So, it’s a kind of protection. Even if situations and problems are from outside, I do not get caught up in any kind of problems of the self or of others. This makes you the conqueror of Maya, plus you are very attentive, because what Maya tries to do is to pull your intellect and take you into a lot of wasteful things. So, create a habit not to get caught up in any problems, but remain just churning the knowledge, thinking of knowledge, good yoga, good dharna, good seva, not look at anyone else. Sometimes we are influenced by what is happening around us, but now we have to be very careful, not be lazy nor be careless, but conqueror of Maya.

Om Shanti

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