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Conclusions and Experiences # 31

Liberation_in_Life_31                   Mohini_Didi                December 31, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Yes? Very good! Baba doesn't want us to labour, but to make efforts because life cannot be without efforts. If something is done regularly and we do it consistently, then we don't require labour. Many times we just leave a big gap and then we have to rush and push ourselves. A lot of people, as Baba said today, have this thought that I will make it anyway. Maybe in the end I will make it. That's not good enough. I know as a student also, some people left their revision of studies until the last moment. For me, I prepare myself to just be ready. The same should be with our spiritual efforts. So working with these Avyakti signals, what I find is that we are able to check and change, improve, and find a lot of subtle changes which happen in us. Changes might not be from negative to positive, but it could make us elevated. It's only when there are certain situations, circumstances, that we are able to observe our stage and say that now it is so good. I'm not affected by anything. I didn't had wasteful thoughts or I was able to be detached observer. So all different kinds of experiences happened after everyday practice. So it was very good, and everyday we get to experience Jeevan mukti. This is the first birth, don't expect something better in your next birth. Whatever until this moment I am, I am. So that is why making ourselves full with all the treasures, complete, and checking is so important because then we can change. 

We attend the whole program of Avyakti Parivar because we are being consistent. Being regular helps us a lot, plus this power of gathering, power of family is very important. I said yesterday that most of you are supporting in some way or other. So I really want to thank you all. Continuing with everyday's practice, and then today Baba is saying to practise during the day the ‘incorporeal stage’, ‘double light stage’. Just check if there is any burden of my action. We were taught as young Brahmins, not to keep everything in the head. I have to do this, I have to do that, and then keep saying it, then it creates tension for others also. Have a list, keep doing it, it will be done, but this whole bondage of karma, actions, is not good. So that is why this new series will help us. Baba says to practise being in a particular image, a few minutes a day and see how stable you are. That means in my eternal stage, it just takes 5-10 minutes. Until now we had been practising our five forms drill in a different way, but now it will be different. We will take each form and stay in that stage, and see how stable I can be. I must say that you should be regular, consistent, and you see there is more and more natural upliftment and progress in your stage. We do actions but they’re not necessarily elevated. So, that's what my experience has been of the past month.

Om Shanti 


Om Shanti!

This morning Baba said, ‘congratulations’ three times; for our new life, the new age, and new year. So, I also want to wish you all, as Baba said, use everything in a worthwhile way and also accumulate. I think this is very deep. How do we spend, but also accumulate? One of the methods is silence. So the month of January is when Brahma Baba became avyakt. How did he became avyakt? The quality of his renunciation, the quality of his tapasya and seva, this is what we all have to follow. Becoming Bap-saman is to make the quality of efforts that Brahma Baba did; always victorious, always double light, always cheerful, no burden of any kind. So, Baba gave us a big offering this morning, “Give me all the burdens, why are you carrying them? My every child should be a carefree king.” So I think we should take that offer and continue. It will be important for that to accumulate the power of silence to use the word ‘Avyakt Silence’.  That means that through the silence, you keep acquiring your internal avyakt stage, angelic stage, double light stage. So we will be thinking of different forms and different practices of this special month. So it is the power of silence.  The special power of the confluence age is the power of silence. I think each one of us these days is pulled toward silence, we don't want to think too much, but we want to be in silence, and then think whatever is necessary because then your power to discern will guide you properly. By staying in silence, you will make your stage angelic and double light. There is no burden of any kind in this stage. For this, while performing actions, exercise being stable in the incorporeal and angelic form every now and then. You saw father Brahma in the corporeal form. He was constantly double light, and in his stage of silence, he took the children beyond with a glance in a second. Baba’s drishti gives us many experiences. So follow father in this way, and you will become easily equal to the father. Every day, the month of January inspires us to be like Father. Every day you will get a different point, which we will practise. So for tomorrow the practice is ‘Incorporeal, Angelic, Double light stage’. So again, I wish you a very successful year without labouring.

Om Shanti 

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