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Conclusions and experiences # 30

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_30 Mohini Didi June 30th, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone well? Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. It was a beautiful month. I really felt everyday that whatever was being said in the commentary, or whatever we took, the points from Madhuban, it is internally like deep silence. Baba describes that you will just have a few thoughts and get all attainments, your task will be accomplished with a few thoughts. That is inner silence in the Golden Age because here we have to think, we have to plan, then remind, and so much of our time and thoughts go into that. So, as we are moving towards the Golden Age, we will all experience deep silence. I only think as much as necessary. So, as Baba said, “When you have savings, then you become a charitable soul.” Charitable souls here, but also deities are always called ones who give or donate. We are becoming deities, and I think for me this month was really very good. We explored certain ideas about our relationship with nature, our relationship with the body, our own nature, I think it was really beautiful. So, I appreciate the effort that has been put forth by the team.

Om Shanti


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