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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence31              Mohini_Didi               January 31, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba’s double light angel children, everyone Om Shanti! Sometimes we are aware, sometimes not that whatever we practise that’s what we become, and that’s what our stage will be. We had been practising for the whole month to be double light angels, but also we did use during the day, a few hours of Avyakti silence. When you do a lot of seva, thoughts of seva, thoughts of karma yoga, then you feel that now you want to go to complete and total rest, and then you go in Avyakti silence. In Avyakti silence you feel very rested, healed, full, and also very creative. So, I think all of us after certain hours like I always say up to 12, or then up to 3’o clock, we do Yagya seva. Whatever seva everyone has, whether it’s karma yoga, whether it’s reading Murli, whatever Yagya seva and it’s important, communication, messages, answering phones whatever. So whatever we do until 3’o clock, and then we go into deep silence and in the evening generally we keep for yoga bhatti, Avyakti Parivar, and revision of the points. So this way, when Baba says divide your 24 hours into eight hours for your personal, eight for service, or eight if there’s something like a lokik job or whatever. Those who stay at Baba’s home, they have to do more, more hours, right? It is so interesting, Baba had been talking a lot about if you’re double light, you’re like an angel, because you can not fly if you’re heavy, right? If you are carrying anything, even when you go on the flight, you have to give your baggage, right? You trust those people that they will give you the baggage on the other end. So, we also give everything to Baba. 

So, I feel the month of January was a very good month, at least I found a lot of attention, a lot of checking, as soon any burden comes of wasteful thoughts or worry, give it to Baba, and Baba will take care. We have to say it, because then we are invoking Baba to act. Baba, you must do it. Baba, you have to do it. So, make yourself very light. I would just suggest that even in this month, even the theme is different, but continue with remaining double light and be an angel. So we should have January, February, every month. I have done the homework for January of double light, and this month is about sweetness. I am sure you all will have some different, some similar kinds of conclusions and experiences. If you get a chance, I know you can not speak now, but you can write down your experiences and send it to Avyakti Parivar.

Om Shanti

Sweetness_and_Love                  Mohini_Didi                  January 31, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba has given us the title already, “Star of Success”. So put that tilak on the forehead, because internally to give up on something and then become forceful or bitter or very subtly, express our discontent or it even sometimes subtle anger. We feel that this way we will be able to get our task accomplished, but it doesn’t happen. You create something, and then you break something. When it comes to a person, you make that person do what you want, but then that person is not happy about it. Not because of what he has to do, but the way he was told. So it is very important for us, whether it is a task, for relationships, our record of being sweet and loving, because love actually could melt the heart. If you say something with love, even if the other person is tired, you are not planning to do it, but when you say it, that person will do it, because love creates respect. So you say it very respectfully and it should become our habit. It’s not every time I have to say, let me talk with respect in your way, your interaction. It should be very natural, very respectful and loving. All these qualities of love, care, respect is what you do to the soul. Whatever we do to the soul and that soul receives, the soul will return not only love, but it becomes like long term love, not just at that moment. Here everyone feels that I am being loved, I am being loved. Just imagine in a gathering if this quality is used, there won’t be any obstacles. It doesn’t matter if you have a different opinion, it’s okay, there’s no problem in that, but you have to express it sweetly. We know that whatever Drama and Baba wants, it will happen.

So, go beyond your emotions, maybe they are in you for a long time, clean them with everyone, because otherwise what we do is cause sorrow. Baba always says, “Don’t give sorrow, don’t take sorrow.” If you say a little bit strongly, you cause sorrow then later on you also feel bad. I remember one time I told a soul that I don’t see you doing much karma yoga. Anyways she was saying, well, I do this and this. I said, “You could do a little more.” She had tears in her eyes. Then I said that maybe I should have said it in a different way, or maybe I shouldn’t have said it because sorrow comes back in a way. So how do we be respectful and sweet so that happiness becomes the atmosphere in relationships with everyone; joy, happiness, and light. Yeah, so we will experiment with this. Baba was saying that, “Sweetness is such that it can make anyone cheerful. Those who imbibe sweetness become great here and also claim a status there.” Everyone sees those who have sweetness with the vision of them being great. Therefore, imbibe the special virtue of sweetness. It is only with sweetness that you would be able to glorify the name ‘Madhusudan’. The name for Krishna, the sweet one. Madhu is actually honey. Those who have the honey of sweetness with them, have nothing but success in every task. The star of success shines on their forehead. So, Baba is inspiring us, guiding us and wants to see that we all become very sweet as He is, as our Brahma Baba, Mamma, all the Dadis were. So we all have to have sweetness.

Om Shanti


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