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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Elevated_Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_31 Mohini_Didi May 31, 2023


Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? That’s good. We have to serve others, we have to care for others. It’s only possible if I keep myself well, and now we know that our wellness depends on our deep internal good efforts, remembrance of Baba. When we make good efforts, then our energy level is high and we are consistent in our life. This is very important. Baba said that Maya makes you weak, puts pressure on you, creates doubts in you, makes you feel that you're not strong enough or influenced by someone or something. For this whole month, we practiced purity of thoughts. Purity here means not to be influenced by anyone. Everyone talks about what they feel and experience, but you should think of the karmic burden. Remember that the story of each one of us is different, so don’t get influenced by others. When I came into knowledge, I remember one of my very close relatives was in gyan and he had a different kind of experience when he surrendered. So, he kept telling me to be careful, don't rush, you don't have to think that far, but what I thought was, “That's your experience.” Even physically you can have the same sickness, but my experience is completely different from other people. Even if you try that same medication as someone, it doesn’t work the same. It is the same with advice and opinions. There are only two. One is Shrimat, which is very important, and the other is what I feel internally. You ask yourself and your true self will reply to you. I have to feel, is it good for me or not? Many different times during the day, there is something, some influence, some pressure, but we all have to use knowledge, Baba’s remembrance, and let everything be as truly as it is.

So we completed this series, and it was very interesting because even just to think of looking at the mind is a true introspection. Otherwise, how many times do we really look at the mind? Our mind and intellect are so involved in outcomes and there are so many different things because we are karma yogis. Baba’s family is getting bigger and bigger, and one day the whole world will be our family, right? Because as Baba said also in this Murli that peace and happiness, they could only receive from Baba’s treasure store. So we think okay, people don’t have food, well we can support a little bit but when people line up in the queue for peace and happiness, it will be an unending line. There will be long queues. That’s why Baba is saying to accumulate powers. The stock of elevated thoughts is very important, at least we can give a little bit. So they receive love, peace, happiness. It was a very good experience for me and I am sure most of you did experience it because even if you make a little bit effort, there is experience. Some change is definitely visible and that’s the benefit of listening to Avyakt signals from Baba’s Murlis. So I feel that it was very good for the whole month.

Om Shanti.

Be_one_with_elevated_self-respect_and_continue_to_give_regard_to_everyone_1 Mohini_ Didi May 31, 2023

Om Shanti!

When we listen what we have to do, one of the most important benefit is that we start thinking about that, reflection, churning. What churning brings, butter, right? Instead of just thinking, we are thinking on something which is very important. So, it’s like we are churning, right? Good quality yogurt or buttermilk, and then what comes out of that? It’s butter, no? So, this is the benefit, one of the benefit.

Listening to Avyakti Signal makes us think about what is self, elevated self-respect. Elevated is something which is higher. And sometimes, it could feel elusive because I am not that. Or maybe it’s my ego, I am thinking about myself that I am this. But when we remember it’s Baba, who has told me this is what you are. One is general introduction of the self, which is also true but other is also Baba’s special blessing, Baba’s drishti makes me feel that I can stay in elevated self-respect. As I said sometimes, we could feel oh, it’s my ego to think this is what I am. But when you think of Baba has given this title, it can change into self-respect. Otherwise, if somebody questions or says I am master fortune maker, somebody challenges you, so you might shake right? But Baba has said this is what I am. And I create that stage, and I do that also. Helps souls to awaken them. Helps souls to remove their obstacles or help them to get the right direction, choose the right path, so many little-little things. But they are very important.

So, now every morning just take one elevated self-respect, we can take one as common as I said. For me, a lot of things happen because of purity. And that also purity, Baba calls as sato pradhan stage. Soul, body, our actions, everything is pure. And purity means there’s peace and happiness also with that. So, my elevated self-respect, so how do I then look at others? With same respect. Whatever is anyone’s present stage, Baba has chosen and ultimately the soul will become completely perfect. So, giving respect not as respect but truly looking as someone else as a soul and in their perfect stage. So, my drishti, my vision of that self-respect really will touch and move very deep this kind of love and then they will learn how to respect others also. You know, sometimes because of body-consciousness. If you look at someone as inferior, having lack, you know something missing, but that what seed you are sowing in someone, is not a good seed because that seed will keep growing. But if you give respect, if I am giving respect, talk with respect with everyone, automatically you are spreading that virtue, and you are creating that environment where everyone respect each other. Nothing is inferior or superior in doing it, we all are same and everyone's role is important. I remember that if you have someone who is helping you and that person doesn’t show up, how desperate you will be. Even whatever part that soul is playing, you won’t be able to play. So, respecting helps soul to be more co-operative. Because what pulls everyone to do right things, is love and respect because love is the energy that brings everyone together and respect. And then when you keep you all the time respect others, then they will respect you also. And when you get that respect, internally you feel fulfilment. But if someone doesn’t or not only that but many don’t then you will have some kind of desire to get that respect. So give respect as much as to everyone you will receive it. And then you are very satisfied internally also. So it’s another way of sowing the seed. You sow the seed and then get respect in return. I have a lot of experience with that. If you say something, as a command, as an order, or as a suggestion, or as a request, you know. There are different ways. Request is the best. Because that’s where the respect is. Do this, no, can you do this? Help me, can you help me? So in respect, when you are offering that to that soul, and somewhere every soul has a good heart. And when you give with good feelings, then it comes back. Return is always there. And then also the joy of giving respect is created in everyone. So, it becomes a habit, natural to respect everyone. So, that what we will be doing. Talking about self-respect, and how we feel about it, we do it, we practise, and take this as homework and we can continue with it.

Om Shanti.


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