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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_31 Mohini_Didi March 31, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It’s the last day of March, time never never stops for anyone. Eternally it keeps moving very consistently. We even say time is going very fast, but if you look at the clock, the needle has its own speed. It never happens that in one second, one minute passes or in one minute one week passes, never. It has such a rhythm. Sometimes we blame time for many things, but we should see the value and appreciate time, appreciate that it leads our life - morning, noon and evening.

The month went very well. With our practice we did accumulate. There were many different ways which gave us an indication of how we can accumulate. First definitely was accumulation of thought and time, not to have wasteful thoughts, but pure, peaceful, elevated thoughts. We can make the whole list of which thoughts are elevated. I realize that it is so important to accumulate elevated thoughts, because when you have wasteful thoughts or any thoughts which are not powerful, which are not full of faith, you need to replace them. Sometimes you don’t find a proper elevated thought, but remember Baba’s versions, even if we remember one or two per day. It’s not necessarily that I know I will be able to think of one at the right time, but if I have been practicing, then it will emerge in a very natural way and I will be able to have power from that accumulation of elevated thoughts.

Thoughts and time always have a connection. If you say have patience, now it’s connected with the time for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or a half an hour. We look at the time and say. “Let’s have Baba’s remembrance for three minutes”. Three minutes is quite a lot. In three minutes you can think so much. I realize even talking for three minutes, one can talk quite a lot. See the importance of time and how I can best use my time. Time can be used in creating elevated thoughts, speaking the right words, and doing karma yoga. Use the time in an appropriate way, so as to accumulate time. How much have I accumulated? One comes to know only when a big expenditure comes that means when there is a situation, do I feel it’s too much? No. For this whole month I felt it was very useful because the whole day there was attention and because of the attention we accumulate, we feel completely full, that means the mind is very stable, intellect has a lot of concentration. When time and thought is accumulated, the powers also get accumulated. The power of tolerance is more courage, patience, enthusiasm all these different powers, the percentage of these powers has increased.

Om Shanti


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