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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Love_for_Solitude_31 Mohini_Didi January 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba wants us to be consistent donors, bestowers. Today what Baba said actually made me think, Baba said to give powers through the mind. How do we do that, and also knowledge through words, and virtues through actions? So we will definitely contemplate this. One example was in Peace VIllage, when we had the regional retreat. Aso a lot of cooking goes on and our stock of the grains, everything is in the basement, we have to bring it up. There is an elevator to bring it, but then we have to have a trolley or something. One brother is 90+, so he has his walker, and on the walker there is a seat. Every time we see him, he brings a few things on that. So, a few people came and asked, "Who is he?” What he was doing is an example in action, that means he is giving the virtue that you can do. He couldn’t bring the big trolley with a lot of stuff, but he was bringing two packets, three packets, and he wasn’t saying anything, only he will bring, put it, and then after a little while he will bring something else. You know blessings are already there, but reflect on how we can become constant donors? It can’t be only action but through thoughts, words and actions. I think that’s what Baba says is true service, to be a great donor, and you can really inspire many souls. I think we all had a good month, and one of the practices Baba gave us for today was to stop thoughts for a few minutes, stop words for a few minutes, stop actions for a few minutes. That is concentration, when you look within and you are able to discover your treasures. You go in, but when you come out, you feel empty. So that is why Baba wants us to go in a few times a day and check your stock. You find that your stock is full. I am peaceful, I am loveful. Also, there is very deep contentment and peace in concentration. Brahma Baba always kept the company of Shiv Baba, even when others are talking, doing everything around Baba, but Baba will be with Shiv Baba, in solitude.

So, I think each one of you must have had many realizations and many experiences of these two qualities or two practices. The month is over, but that doesn’t mean we will stop doing that. Whatever practice we started, we can continue. We have to continue this practice of solitude, of concentration, and we have to become deity from angel. To be Arjun is to inculcate knowledge. We have adopted knowledge, life of purity, discipline, Amritvela, following shrimat, all this is inculcation of knowledge. I have to be number one like Arjun. You do it, don’t see who else is doing or not. I have to do it. Also listen to Murli like Arjun was listening to Shri Krishna. When you are listening, God is speaking to me, don’t look at who is reading Baba is talking to me, God is speaking to me. I think that deeply will give you not only inspiration, but power also. Baba is talking to me. Just imagine in the morning if you had this thought that God is speaking to you, how much power, enthusiasm would you have the whole day? So to be consistent first in the stage, then donor. I think that our internal energy level goes up and down, whether it is love, peace, enthusiasm, inspiration. That is why we began the homework, the first day was ekras, consistent, stable, unshakeable. We started January 1st and during this month, while practicing concentration and solitude, we all had many realizations: where I am lacking, where I need more power, where did I fluctuate? So it’s like we keep the checklist, and pay attention to see what I need to change. So it was actually a very powerful month with tapasya, consistent yoga.

This month, the combination of being a karma yogi, paying attention to many aspects that we were taking as Avyakti signals, and also self respect was very beautiful. Everyday self respect, everyday Avyakti signal. So, I think that I must say that yes, we did improve, and of course we will continue. In the month of February, we are hoisting Baba’s flag, glorifying Baba. Whatever we have done in the month of January will help us to reveal Baba in one way or another. Baba is saying that it is more through your own perfect stage. So we will continue on our journey in February. I want to congratulate all the teams who helped with Amritvela sessions, all the translators, who were always there at the right time translating, all different kinds of creations, videos, themes, sending information, everyone on the team. I really, from my heart, want to congratulate you. Everyone is talking about how the team works here. Everyone does the best they can. There is no comparison, no jealousy, no power struggle, nothing. Everyone does everything in their avyakt stage with love. Of course, Baba must be putting a crown on your head, but I also appreciate it very much. I hear so many people call us and find out how the teams work, whether they are coordinators, or creators of different things. So thank you very much and Baba’s blessings so that you can continue unlimited and tirelessly.

Om shanti

Promise of Determined Thought

Om Shanti! Are we all ready for new homework? As I mentioned that February is the month of Shiv Jayanti, Shivratri, so in our hearts we have to hoist the flag of Baba. Baba’s flag first in our heart, and then wherever we can. Whenever we have to hoist the flag, we take some pledge and then we have to have determined thoughts for that pledge. Like whatever we have to do, we pledge at the time of hoisting. So we are revealing Baba. How do we reveal Baba? In the seven days course we give the lessons. Is it through lessons? How do we reveal Baba? Baba says that it is through your perfect stage. What is our perfect form? The praise which is given for the deities,16 celestial degrees, completely viceless, all virtuous and Maryada Purushottam, following all the maryadas, principles. So, the first determined thought is to not allow the old sanskars to emerge. Actually, we all must have noticed now as time is moving on, the events of the day, situations and scenes are going on. Sometimes we forget what happened in the morning. This also indicates that time is moving fast. Baba is saying that as very little time is left and we do realize that even there is a big transformation in us, but to pass with honors, that is 100%! That means no fluctuations, no influence of past sanskars, no influence of the past in any way. Time moves forward, it never repeats. It cannot be the same, and we should not compare, because what’s coming now and in the future will be completely different. So, we are subtly learning from the time, learning from the cycle, and learning from practical life, that tomorrow it's going to be tomorrow, not yesterday.

One of the signs of old sanskars is wasteful thoughts. Sometimes we don’t know if it's an old sanskar, or part of my personality. Is this what I am? Sometimes we say that’s what I am, but is it old or of Confluence Age or Golden Age? So, one of the most important points we have to check is not to have wasteful thoughts. If thoughts are wasteful, that means it is sanskars from the past. So Baba is saying to have determined thought and promise, I will not have waste thoughts. What will happen is you will become the practical proof, you will become the practical form of that perfect stage. So remember that I have to pass with honors, and secondly, my image has to be perfect, unbroken, nothing in between, no fluctuation. We can take one of the qualities, let’s say, today I was practicing one quality of peace. I have to be a peaceful soul, I am a peaceful soul, whatever happens, I have to be peaceful. We have to take one virtue per day and remain stable in that virtue the whole day. Whatever is happening outside, I have to hold onto that virtue. You will feel not only stable, but that is where your stage of perfection, your form of perfection is growing, and you will be able to feel your perfect form. Today was my perfect day because I just remained peaceful. So, from that, what is best, no waste, what is best, what is elevated, what is good, what is auspicious? Just to think not to have wasteful thoughts is not enough. What thoughts will I have? I think sometimes we just say that we should not have waste thoughts, but then what? What thoughts? If I have to be a donor of blessings, then may be thoughts of blessings. I feel that every thought should be of that quality, every thought should be elevated, full of good wishes. The more we practice to create such thoughts, there won’t be any waste thoughts. So, I keep my mind very busy with pure and elevated thoughts, thoughts of knowledge, thoughts of God’s praise, thoughts of remembrance of Baba. Those thoughts will occupy the mind, give good experiences to the mind and then we won’t have wasteful thoughts. So, for tomorrow, February 1st, we all will practice this with determined thought and experience our perfect form, perfect image.

Om Shanti


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