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Conclusion and Experiences #30

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_30 Mohini_Didi November 30, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvar to everyone! You all had a beautiful morning. Yes, we were with Baba. BapDada was saying very beautifully that what we want even when it comes to receiving blessings, how is it possible? It’s only when there is some kind of pure love, feelings of gratitude, when I receive something and definitely from my heart. Even simply when we say ‘thank you’ it’s like we are sharing our blessings. Some of you have written about nice experiences. I think that what happens is those who really practice, in the sense that they pay attention and immediately know what change I need to bring in myself, in my thoughts, in my attitude. They immediately take benefit, and then definitely there are some beautiful experiences. Recently, one thing I realize with Baba is that when you have a specialty, there is a subtle ego of that specialty, and because of that, you become forceful. It’s like you have a certain weakness with that. So today, when Baba was saying to give respect to everyone, look at their stage of perfection. So I would say that one month, yes it passed very fast. It was about receiving blessings and giving blessings. You know ultimately what Baba wants is that our every thought has to be elevated. Our every thought should be of giving, because that’s what Baba said. He also gave a drill this morning of angel to deity. Deity means one who constantly gives. So, that should be our aim actually, and if anyone receives and hasn’t expected, that soul will give you blessings from the heart. So, I think it was a good month, and definitely next month will be better.

Om Shanti

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