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Conclusion and Experiences #30

Embodiment_Of_Solutions_30 Mohini Didi September 30, 2023

Om Shanti!

Good effort and the blessings, the combination of that brings the gift of happiness. To be constantly happy, cheerful, internally cheerful, Baba is saying to also be externally cheerful, double cheerful, double happiness. I am sure that you all must be keeping the aim to be very happy. It is so interesting that one month has passed, 30 points of dharna, different kinds of dharna, helping us to be an image of solutions. We have knowledge in the intellect, but when we apply the knowledge, it is the power of knowledge. If I am not able to use the knowledge, then it does not become power. Just to have something in the intellect, knowing something is not enough, but knowing something, applying it, and experiencing power, will help us to always give the image of solutions and there is no problem. If there is a situation, it is karmic accounts. So for solutions, just constantly remember Baba, because there is only one way to settle karmic accounts and that is remembrance of Baba. So, I have had a really good experience during the last month, lightness the whole day, more remembrance of Baba and it’s like internally, the outlook changes. We don’t see any circumstances as problems. So each one of you must have experienced how to be the image of solutions, to find solutions for every problem. The problem is like a mustard seed, not as huge as a mountain. So many beautiful experiences. You all can also write down what is the difference between one month ago and now. So now we will call ourselves an image of solutions.

Om Shanti

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