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Conclusion and Experiences #30

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_30 Mohini_Didi November 30, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? I think that the month of November was for learning, for practice, for experiences, and had been a very good month. I really felt it by the end of the month, especially Baba’s thought about ``The Father’s sanskars are my eternal sanskars”. So, it made it very easy for me to keep thinking, bringing up my eternal and original sanskars, and then have the thought that these are Baba’s sanskars. What are Baba’s sanskars? My original ones. It made it very easy, so I don’t keep guessing, “Are these Baba’s sanskars or not?” Baba made it very easy, and also, everyday we are listening to Baba’s Avyakt signals. It was very beautiful, world transformation kept ringing, and I think we all did practice and had many beautiful experiences. What should be my image, what do I have to be? That was the aim.

So, I must say it was a beautiful month, with beautiful experiences. Everything in Drama, in the cycle, changes every moment, time changes. It is important to have self-transformation. If I do not change with the time, then the pressure of time and sanskars will make me change anyway. So why should I change under pressure? I should change very naturally according to time, according to need, according to my stage, and I think that’s what we did for the month of November. So, I must say that for me it was a beautiful month and we look forward to the month of December.

Om Shanti

The_Lord_is_pleased_ with_an_Honest_Heart

Om Shanti Everyone!

In Shantivan, it's getting a little cold but still pleasant. There are a lot of Baba’s children here and also double foreigners, about one hundred fifty. I think it’s a very revealing topic, the words are very simple, but everyday we will explore the topic, experiment, and then have some beautiful experiences. So, realize in front of Bhagwan. I like this aspect, that means when you are honest in front of Baba, all your rubbish is removed. Like sometimes we want to get rid of some of the wasteful thoughts, some of the things from the past, some of the hurts from some souls, and it’s not easy. It’s a lot of work, but I can do it with Baba, and realize any situation where people are involved. I can only think of what my role is in that. Did I say something that could increase the flame, the fire, or I didn’t respond properly? Was I reacting? Was I emotionally upset about something? So, in a situation, the role I have to play, the part I have to play, did I play appropriately or I could have done better? So, this way I start becoming honest instead of having not one finger, maybe a whole hand towards someone. You know Dadi Janki always gave the example that when you point one finger towards others, then there are three fingers towards yourself. So, describing a situation, looking at a situation, always thinking others are responsible, I have to realize, I have to check. When we do this honestly, Baba will help us to be free, to become honest, to become clean, and to remove our rubbish. I thought it was very beautiful. So, when I am honest, Baba is pleased, and I can sit on Baba’s heart throne.

Om Shanti


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