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Conclusion and Experiences #28

Determined_Thought_28 Mohini_Didi February 28, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

How is everyone, good? It’s wonderful to see everyone very well. You must be maintaining what Baba said today: the breath, the life, the joy of Brahmin life is enthusiasm. I sometimes still wonder how we could all maintain enthusiasm. Baba also said to never get disheartened. So, we have to remember this from Baba’s Murli. How many of you stay enthusiastic? So, we need to hear what yuktis you adopt, or do you naturally remain enthusiastic? Which words can help you to be enthusiastic? The most important thing is not to get disheartened, because very subtly, the tiredness is there and we know that we could do a lot. Baba’s service is unlimited. One of the ways to maintain enthusiasm is to do homework everyday. It’s like you give something in the form of food and proper breathing to sustain the body. When you give something you are very enthusiastic to eat, but if you don’t see what you like, then you say, “Ok, I will eat,” but there is no enthusiasm. So it’s not that everything happens the way we want, but how to take benefit. We always see some benefit in the Drama so that we could maintain the enthusiasm. So, when I am doing homework everyday, even one point, may not even be 1%, there is clarity or there is attention and then definitely there are experiences. Then one feels good because there is some improvement, but also there is power of transformation. Very subtly, what are the obstacles? Baba said yesterday, “Whatever is happening is good.”

So, everything is okay according to the Drama, but still we have to think what is needed according to time as we are coming close, whether it is our stage or the time. What is needed? So, that means that Baba is creating in us this thought to create something, not only just to be happy with Drama. You have to be happy. There has to be contentment about Drama, but you cannot just say that I am doing it according to Drama. I am playing my part, and Baba says, “Ok, but still have the enthusiasm to do something more.” What does time require? Maybe what I was doing one month ago is not enough. Maybe we need to do more service? We need to use some more techniques and methods. So that’s what Baba means, to create also. Not only to say “Oh, Drama is very good, Drama is accurate.” There should be on our list, in our thoughts, I have to do this more. That’s not going against Drama. That’s also taking the opportunity to create Drama, because there is destiny that has to be destined now. So, I get a chance to use, create destiny, and then whatever happens, we say it was destiny. It’s very subtle, even for a minute you might be getting an opportunity. You might be getting a better choice. If we miss that, then we have to keep saying ‘Drama’. So, how to do this subtle effort, and how to know that I am creating? I am just playing my part, because sometimes it could be boring. I am trying to say that doing homework will bring more clarity in every aspect; it is through my stage that I will reveal Baba.

I have been thinking that since we are Baba’s children from the very beginning, when transformation happens, we start glorifying Baba. How can we do that? One is a question, but in my lokik family they say, “You could do that, but we can’t do it.” So, they start appreciating that you got some power. Some even say, “Oh, it must be God who is helping you.” The word God could emerge by whatever you are doing. Someway or the other, we start revealing Baba. So, I could say that all the points that we get, one per day, are very useful. We must experiment with them. So, in one month it becomes a kind of sanskar to observe one's own self, and also look outside how much I reminded people of God, of destiny, of their special part, whatever way, there is some revelation. I am sure each one of you would have experienced a lot and had a lot of churning. Good to write them and then look at them later, too.

Om Shanti

Account of Accumulation and Saving Scheme

Om Shanti!

Everyday we will be getting a point of Avyakt signals, we will reflect, and then we will practice. It's very tempting to have savings. Some don’t like savings, or some save to multiply it, that is, in a spiritual way. I will start with how I understand savings. When we were little children, my grandfather was a postmaster in the post office. So, at that time, we didn’t have bank accounts, they used to call it a pass book. It was a very little small booklet where you can open that as an account. So, my grandfather gave us 20 rupees as pocket money. He used to say that he opened an account for all of us, 10 rupees, you have to save, and 10 rupees you spend. Actually everything was abundant at home, and we had transport also, they would take us to school. So, there was nothing to spend. I kind of said, “Let me put all 20 in the account”, but they said, “No, keep a little, maybe you feel like eating something in school.” I felt like there was no need unless I have to spend. So, if I don’t need, why should I spend? So, let me save 20.

I remember we were so proud when we were a little bit grownup. Everyone had so much money. So, we appreciated that one thing.

Baba is talking about saving our thoughts. I always remember, for Dadi Guzar to play the part as chariot for BapDada, Baba said that she has saved a lot of power of thought. So, her account of elevated thought, or thinking as much is necessary, is very important. There are many little practices that can help us to save thoughts and time if we catch our habits of thinking, and pattern of thinking, when you have done an action. I did something, and afterward I keep saying, “Oh. maybe I shouldn’t have done this, may be it should have done something.” So, we keep thinking about what has already been done so you can’t change it. Our practice or habit should be, let’s think elevated. I remember when I realized this many years ago, now immediately, it‘s Drama, there must be some benefit. Instead of keep thinking I shouldn’t have done, it shouldn't have happened, why did it happened, you can’t change it. You already have done it. So, this way thoughts and the time because business is of course lot of work but business of mind even something I do, how much I should think? Even there is a situation, ok I think and I find some solution but if I don't find I give to Baba, and say Baba, you have to help me. I am not able to decide, not only I tell Baba but I leave it on Baba let me be in remembrance, let me be in silence so I can take Baba’s powers. So one of the ways to save time is not think about the past but also for future to have elevated thoughts. That’s what Baba is saying the biggest treasure you have and of course more and more will be about words, about actions. So what I have to underline is that instead of thinking about past, let me have elevated thoughts, higher, better, beneficial for the self and others. That’s what I think we will start our month of March with the homework of practicing Avyakti signals.

Om Shanti

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