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Concentration of the Mind and Intellect #2

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_2                 Mohini_Didi                January 2, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Yes, I can see everyone is well, because Baba wants us to experience the stage of reward of our efforts at the Confluence Age. In other words, that's the stage of jeevan mukti. For the last whole month, Baba was saying how to be free from bondage, even the bondage of your own actions! How many thoughts are required for each action, and how much do we think? Maybe it requires three minutes and we take 10 minutes. So, Baba keeps giving us different practices, different methods, and we all have to adopt them. I was thinking about experiencing the fruition of the efforts of actions at the Confluence Age. Baba says that one is laboring and the other is just effort. Like in the body, breathing is normal. Sometimes we make efforts to breathe because of whatever reason. So, am I able to be in natural remembrance of Baba? Do I feel the presence of Baba, or do I have to make a lot of effort? Am I experiencing God's love and feeling sustained? Actually, each one of us as Baba’s child, every moment should feel that I am being sustained by Baba. Baba created this Yagya, and each one of us is sustained by the Yagya. Even if, for any reason, your body is not well, you have a special diet, whatever it is, even if you are buying your own food, you are not taking from the Yagya, but it is Baba’s. Is this your money? No, it’s Baba’s! Internally, sometimes that stage is not there, but I am being sustained every moment by the Yagya. 

Baba said that some live in the Yagya and they think of their lokiks. Their intellect is still going to the lokik world. That is quite strong, but we need to pay attention. I am being sustained by Baba’s yagya. That is why Baba has different directions, Shrimat. Why we don’t eat anywhere, food cooked by anyone. They say, “We are clean.” They live pure, but their intellect is not really with Baba. What we add to our food is Baba’s remembrance. I was thinking maybe we should start in the kitchen department, to do it twice a day maybe for five minutes and create such an atmosphere of cooking. When others are eating they could be more in silence and not thinking about the recipe or that it is so tasty. That can be done afterwards, but while eating, are we thinking about food or thinking about Baba? These could be small things, but they are very important. Baba used to say, “I sit and eat with Baba.” How much do we practice this? Our mind is in the food! It shouldn’t be. It’s Yagya, Baba’s food, Baba’s sustenance, as much you experience that, that is my fruition, that is my inheritance from Baba. That is why whatever is cooked, I eat that Brahma bhojan, even a little bit of that. So what about other foods that is not Brahma bhojan? You have to take care of your health, you should, but what I am saying is about bhavna. The fruition of this is something where I am constantly feeling that God is taking care of me. God is sustaining me. Today Baba said in the Murli that to claim inheritance of Baba is the greatest fortune. So are we living by inheritance or my own income? Everyone has income and should have, why not? However, this thought of ‘mine’ shouldn’t be there. 

Now the Avyakti signal, which we all have to practice for tomorrow, is concentration of mind and intellect. I don’t know if you all have this, but once in a while, you are thinking something, you are doing something, and in your deep subconscious, something else is going on. Is it an attitude working? Is it a deep sanskar? So it is not full concentration. Full concentration is where the mind can be deeply quiet, very silent. Most of us should stop what we are doing at least twice or three times a day. Even traffic control, when we do it, let it finish in three minutes. So it is the Confluence Age, there is not much time, and Baba really looks at us to be complete, because transformation of the whole world depends upon our stage. We are the ones who are instruments. That is why I have to pause, I have to stop and have total concentration. Each thought will have a lot of power because of this practice. So it says that silence means a soul is an embodiment of peace. Shanti has two meanings, one is peace,and the other is silence. Sitting in solitude,even if you are sitting with 20 people, you are in a meeting, you can do solitude. Just be with yourself. Even when you are listening, you are listening, but you still could be in solitude. Baba says to sit in solitude and experience concentration of the mind and intellect. Both are racing. So what do we have to do? Baba says, when you have concentration of both, you especially attain two powers; the power to discern and power to make decisions. It affects my life, and my decisions affect the lives of many. So the trust of people, the trust of Baba’s family on me comes from what I decide, how I decide. Is it coming from my pure feelings, from concentration, or just through my intellect abruptly? We need to be prompt, but we cannot still make any decisions which are not right, or go back and forth. So, Baba says that these two powers resolve all problems in your worldly and spiritual interactions. Through this you easily make your stage double light and angelic. The heaviness comes when we react. We are not honestly seated on our seats. So then we get upset. I lose my self-respect. 

So, tomorrow if you all pay attention, watch your mind and intellect. Like today I noticed my intellect was just giving so many ideas and plans, and it wouldn’t stop.  I said, “Oh, this is the best time to practice bodiless stage.” Then I just did it. After that I was renewed and I really did not need to think. Especially these days, everyone has limited physical energy also. It is important to plan, but as much as we do, we can use that time of intellect in concentration. Then everything we do will be accurate, and we won’t have to keep repeating. So, the Avyakti signal for tomorrow, is to practice the power of silence and for two powers, concentration of mind and concentration of intellect.

Om Shanti

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