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Complete and perfect #07

Embodiment_ of_ Success _7 Mohini Didi October 7, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

So lovely to see each one of you, present, happy and being part of applying, accepting, and implementing Baba’s incognito directions and signals. I get so fascinated and want to go more in depth by churning and also implementing. I don't know totally, but partially I know that I will become perfect by having elevated thoughts, by doing mansa seva, all virtues, all powers are in me. Baba is saying that using all the treasures in a worthwhile way will make you complete and perfect. It is not just that perfection will be through the mind, but we use our treasures in thoughts in words and actions and relationships in an unlimited way for the whole world. So, whatever Brahma Baba had was used in a worthwhile way. He always said that the reward of that should be shared with the whole world. Whatever charity he did, even before coming to knowledge, he said “tere bahane sarv ka bhala”. For your sake the whole world benefits. This is such a noble, unlimited thought. That means using every thought to the maximum capacity is worthwhile. Worthwhile means maximum capacity. Drama gives us opportunities to use our treasures to maximum capacity. Even sometimes we say that it’s a lot, that the body is tired, or that I can’t cope, but internally I have the feeling that my unlimited Father wants me to get the reward of becoming complete by using all the powers in a worthwhile way. Baba inspires us, motivates us, and we move forward. Instead of thinking for how long, how I keep doing it, I can use the virtue of patience. How long can I wait? How far will I wait? I have to realize that the virtue of using everything in a worthwhile way and becoming 100% full means if I haven’t used it and I say no, it’s not possible. So I am leaving half way, but until the last moment, or the end of the situation, I maintain that patience. That means going beyond is not only in becoming detached but also going beyond your limits. If I say that I can only do this much, you are putting limits, but I will keep doing it for Baba. This is increasing the limit and becoming complete.

So, I am really kind of churning more and I am seeing the signal that Baba is giving us, to just become unlimited. So just use all the treasures in a worthwhile way and you will become complete and perfect. Father Brahma used all his treasures in a worthwhile way until the last day, the last moment. He wrote letters, did early class, he did everything. Until the last moment, you saw the practical proof, he became a perfect angel. So, keep the aim of becoming complete and perfect, the same as the Father, no matter what effort you have to make, it is guaranteed that you have to become equal to the Father. So, I would suggest that out of all the treasures, it is Baba’s love which I have to transmit through me. Baba is the Ocean and I keep using it. Be loveful. So, your quality of love is increasing and will reach 100% which will be complete. I am definitely looking forward to doing this practice as my homework.

Om Shanti


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