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Companion of God - Use The Power Of Tolerance #10

Companion_of_God_10 Mohini_Didi March 25, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone

Whatever they are, giving respect will help them to recover their self-respect which maybe they have lost because of their sanskars or battle with Maya. It’s a very beautiful way to create stability, the unshakeable stage, and also be consistent. You will remain very strong, confident, and have a lot of courage, enthusiasm. All that comes from self-respect. As soon as you look at others, what they are, what they’re doing, they’re looking at you. How anyone looks at you or says to you doesn’t matter. Just remind yourself, what Baba says to me in Murli. What human beings say or say comes from feeling, but what Baba says is reality, practical. Then naturally from there what emerges is respect for everyone. Respecting everyone is very important, because you feel good about it and others feel good. However a person is, if you give respect by bringing the attention to the speciality of that soul, that soul will feel empowered, uplifted. Then that soul will share love with you and respect you. Whenever we find that somebody is not respecting us, maybe they didn’t experience respect from us. Keep giving, sharing whatever you have, without seeing what the other one is giving. Everything creates a record. Baba will see that this soul had been in self-respect and sharing respect with others.

The next very important quality to be a companion of God is tolerance. Tolerance is not how long I have to bear it or adjust to it. When you have self-respect, it is very natural to tolerate. Tolerance could be the mental attitude of someone towards me. That attitude is so powerful, it has strong vibrations. I can see that Baba is taking a test for me. If you are original and have accumulated, you will keep bestowing. You have to give what you have. While taking, you can decide what to take. If we are real and natural, we will give all the time. Many times people will tell you, but this one is like this with you. Why do you have to be so friendly or loving? This is what I am. This is what my nature is, so that’s what I will bestow. While receiving, I not only take what I need, but other people can also have realization, and will not cross the boundary in the sense of seeing things. The changes in the other person will also be visible. Tolerance is very natural. If there is something useless, you don’t take it. I don’t have to sit and keep tolerating. It does happen, sometimes when you are enclosed or on the flight, the passengers around are eating all kinds of food and the smell is very strong. What I do is spray fragrance of rose flower on my tissue or my handkerchief, so what I am smelling is not from outside, but coming from within me and my own costume. I don’t have to tolerate it if I know what to do. You cannot stop or change anyone. But you can definitely protect yourself. Sometimes if someone’s words have a negative attitude, that becomes their habit. Why should I take it? Very subtly there is attachment from that person, that person should be like this, why can’t this person be good with me. All these are little tests which come on this spiritual journey. Dadi Janki always used to tell us that one of the important powers every child of Baba’s should have is tolerance. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized by anything or be subservient.

When you are detached enough, then you are lovely, and you are able to play your part in a beautiful way. Sometimes we get a little confused by seeing what part others are playing. Let them play their own part, I have to play my part. It’s very essential to play one’s own part accurately. Director Baba is looking at me. How clear I am about my own part. When I say this, then many will say, how do I know my part? I said, play it, play it. Play based on shrimat, knowledge and yoga. I create my part at confluence age and then the whole kalpa, I keep playing my part. We will be practicing tolerance. Every moment of life one can tolerate, but one can accept and adjust and adjust, right? I’m sure that each one of you must be practicing. Practice, then everything will be clear. Then you will find there are a lot of attainments.

Om Shanti everyone. Keep well, keep happy.

Om Shanti

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