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Companion of God - Stay in Self-Respect and Give Regard #9

Companion_of_God_9 Mohini_Didi March 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, very good, very well. I can see it, I could feel it. Baba wants to see that from our face, there is happiness, peace, contentment, so that others are served through our face, vibrations, and feelings. I could see all that on your faces. Baba is giving us so much, so why won't we be happy? Every virtue, when we use it, and every point of knowledge, when we use it, becomes power. These days, it's important to accumulate power. So, that is why we take one virtue of Dadi. It is because of these virtues, that she was able to be a companion of God. We all also want to be companions of God, like Dadi. So, we were using the virtue of faith in the intellect. Every action we do, we always need some extra power. Even simple actions, like some need enthusiasm, some need courage, some need trust. So, I remember what I have to be today. We all remember what we have to do today, but what do I have to be today? All the time today I have to do this, today this service, whatever it is, but what do I have to be today and then what do I have to do today. If we combine these, it becomes possible, practical, and enjoyable, too. Without any tension or stress, we are able to accomplish it. So, I like it very much that I am able to remind myself of what I have to be today, and then what I have to do today. Generally, our intellect is always full of what I need to complete today, how much I have to do today, and that could cause a little stress. If I remember what I have to be, then the energy, the power that will come, will get everything accomplished in a very natural way.

One of the important aspects that is a very natural quality, is to be in self-respect. It's only body consciousness that creates lack of self-respect. Either we compare ourselves, or we think about what I am not able to do, and what I am not. Self-respect is to keep reminding yourself of what I am, and what I can be. Very simply, just think, “I am God's child”, and be in that self-respect, “I am God's child”. I always have so much intoxication with this thought that I am God's child. Then, what is he making us? One is what I am becoming, that's my effort, but what is He making me? Making me a deity from a human. He wants us to be self-sovereigns. He wants us to be the masters. In the Golden Age, we will be masters of the world. At least we will have the intoxication of a child and master, a beautiful balance. Every child is the master. Every child has a right to claim inheritance from Baba, every child. That is what it is, and our inheritance should be seen on our face. People who get inheritance, or suddenly get some money or status, it is visible on their face. Our self-respect of being a master should be visible. So, have very good practice of staying in self-respect. It's not ego. It's a question of, “Who am I?” and “What is Baba making me?”

We definitely know that Baba has chosen me. We were also looking for God, but also He selected us. He found us from somewhere. In the beginning, I know many mothers used to think, “From where did Baba find me? Why did he find me?” Many very ordinary mothers from villages started coming in the beginning. They had so much love for the Yagya. They didn't have enough money, or a lot of money to bring or anything, but their love and bhavana was amazing. So, they used to get money, let's say to buy sugar, flour, rice. All the mothers had this feeling of Baba as the member of the family. Baba is also one of their children. So, if they have three children, they count four. They would take out a little portion of one of the children for Baba. A little bit of sugar, a little bit of flour, a little bit of seasoning, and send it to Madhuban. They would take it to the center and tell the sisters that this is for Baba’s Yagya in Madhuban. I remember that Baba, with a lot of love, would open each little cloth. It's not that they had containers or anything. So, they became like one of the main people who were supporting the Yagya. They couldn't send a check, or they couldn't send money, but they will send a little something. Baba used to open it with a lot of love. The same mothers, when they got freedom, then of course they had bhavna. So, it doesn't matter who you are, what you are in a lokik way, Baba has chosen you so that you can belong to the Yagya, and support the Yagya. When I was in London, we were very new, whatever fruit the mothers would buy for their home, they would also buy a little bit for the center, for Baba’s bhog, and they would bring it. Every new fruit that was in the market, before they ate, they would bring it for Baba.

So, everyone should look at their own speciality. Baba has chosen me, so what can I do for Baba? Always think of the unlimited Yagya. Self-respect is very important. Those who have self-respect, one of their qualities is that they always respect others. Never think that anyone is lower, doesn't have any value, doesn't have specialty, or doesn't do anything. Look at everyone's bhavna, whatever bhavna they have. So, self-respect naturally has this expression of respecting everyone. When you respect anyone, they also look at you with a lot of love, and they also respect you. When we see someone or think, “I'm not getting that respect”, you cannot demand respect, but you can command respect by staying in self-respect. When you stay in self-respect, automatically others will start respecting you. So, experiment with this tomorrow. Choose maybe five or six points of self-respect, or create a good balance of self-respect and giving regard to others. When you respect someone, their self-respect increases, and they start feeling a kind of love for you. Whether someone needs respect or not, giving respect increases your qualities also. So, internally, it helps, and your qualities could emerge. So, the whole day, practice being in self-respect, and have a good record of giving respect to everyone. This habit of seeing the specialty of everyone, even a little child, if you appreciate and respect a child, the child will feel so happy. So, each one of us, we will practice to be in self-respect, and give respect to others. Today, you will hear from Bhumi Bhen about our Ratanmohini Dadi, she will be 98 today. So, they are celebrating a big birthday for her today. So, we all send our good wishes to her. This is actually the only Dadi left. She still meets everyone, greets everyone. So, today you might be able to see her celebration, her birthday. Also, many Jagad Gurus, many saints, have been invited for Dadi Janki’s celebration. Dadi Janki used to serve them, so they thought of inviting them. A lot is happening here, and souls are preparing for Baba's meeting. So, lots of love to everyone from Shantivan. Let's remember Baba.

Om Shanti

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