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Companion of God - Spiritual Love #3

Companion_of_God_3 Mohini_Didi March 18th, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

One of the most important qualities required to be a companion of God is love. I think since we are physically born, love is very much conditioned in physical relationships. In all relationships there are very subtle conditions and limits, but the love Baba gives us is completely different. The first time I heard Baba say, I am Ocean of Love, and each one of you are images of love, I understood I am an image of love, I am a pure, loveful soul. Love is really the main quality within the soul. Love for my creator Baba, but love for all souls is very natural in us. When there is body consciousness, we are caught up in sanskars, comparisons and a lot of negative vibrations. Then animosity grows in the world and within the family there are conflicts. As soon as this recognition that I am a loveful soul, a completely different relationship begins. If truly we recognize that not only am I a loveful soul, but everyone else also is a loveful. It really makes immediate changes. To be a companion of God, I have to be loveful because Baba loves everyone.

We know that this is the birth at confluence age, we have to settle a lot of karmic accounts which we created in body consciousness using different vices. The best way to settle karmic accounts is to be in soul consciousness and to have spiritual love for everyone. Spiritual love is limitless. When we say unconditional, it means I will love you. It’s not that I have expectations and if they are not fulfilled, then I can’t love you. This is beyond limits. We experience love first from Baba, then from all Dadi’s, then the instruments and within the family. It’s not only unlimited, but also eternal, because all 84 births we will be together. When I look at my spiritual relationships with Dadi’s and with the family for 63 years, I found I always had love for everyone. Even with some there are a lot of difficulties, but love is still there. One of the most important bonds Baba has created in us is that we need to have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. When you have good wishes, pure feelings, you are not only settling, but creating very beautiful, pure relationships of the confluence age and also creating for the golden age.

Connection with Baba in the relationship of Parents, we have the power of yoga. We have all the powers. We adjust, we tolerate, at every step whichever powers we need, we are able to use those powers. In lokik relationships, even if you tolerate, inside you are holding hurt, anger, or frustration. In the spiritual relationship, we have the power to merge. We know how to forgive. We remember we are children of One who is the Ocean of Love. This spiritual love helps us to use all the powers. We know that we all are on a spiritual journey. We all are together. Whether experiences of the spiritual journey or in Baba’s task, we share our experiences, they are common experiences.

Brahma Baba sometimes said in the Murli, all the storms come to me first and then to children so that I can help guide the children. We never saw Baba shaken by any storms. Looking at Baba’s courage, how he faced opposition, difficulties with sanskars, or resources, but didn’t have any doubt. Brahma Baba set an example for all of us. Some left because they couldn’t manage with those difficulties, but the majority of them stayed together. Dadi Gulzar and some others shared their experience. They understood the situation, but they always made Baba feel light. They said, “Alright Baba, we will face it together.” As a family they stayed very united because of spiritual love. Attachment changes into spiritual love. You don’t have to break or leave a relationship, but have a spiritual relationship or spiritual love. With my own lokik relatives when I started looking at them as souls, there was no attachment, but there was love, respect, care, and connection at the right time. This transformation from lokik to spiritual begins. We realized that sharing spiritual love is knowledge, experiences of yoga, helping each other with inner powers and virtues. It’s such a beautiful bond which is eternal and imperishable between the souls.

Dadi Janki was one of the examples for spiritual love. She never gave up on any soul, just kept giving more and more good wishes. That is why she was loved so much by everyone. She was very disciplined and believed in serious efforts, but that also was love for souls. Dadi always used to say if any defects are left in the end, you will be deceived. What she used to say was beneficial for the soul. Anytime she pointed her finger, we found that it was very helpful. It was not to blame anyone, but helped the soul to increase thinking about themselves in an elevated way. Dadi Janki became a companion of God because of her spiritual love for each one of us so that when Baba serves me, she could be present or when she’s serving, Baba could be present. Let us all experience this spiritual love starting from Baba within the family, then for all the souls of the world. Baba makes such souls a companion while serving and being on the spiritual journey. Create the experience of spiritual love for Baba, love for your own self, all souls, lokik and alokik, whether within the spiritual family or in the world. Enjoy experiencing spiritual love surrounding you. Just remember I am a loveful soul, and Baba is the Ocean of Love.

Om Shanti

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