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Companion of God - Share Drishti #12

Companion_of_God_12 Mohini_Didi March 27, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Very happy Dadi Janki’s day! We think about Dadi’s qualities, they are unlimited. Most important is how each quality brings us close to Baba, and also makes us ‘Companions of God’. I had been really liking this word so much, ‘Companion of God’. Baba chose me to be His companion, and we also wanted to be His companion. Not only a helper, not only a child, but a companion. I am for Baba, always willing to serve all, whatever else we have to do, we do fulfil our duties, but internally, keep reminding yourself that I am ‘companion of God’. So, I have to serve through thoughts, words, and actions. Whatever I have, it’s not a question of having a lot of money, and only then can I be cooperative. Whatever little one has, the thought is that I want to be with Baba for His task. There are two things, one is belonging to Baba, love for Baba, faith in Baba. We also had this in the path of bhakti, but now we know Baba's task, before we thought God does everything. So, I can't do everything, but now Baba is establishing-transforming, creating a new world but also transforming the souls, making them pure from impure, helping us to be elevated, helping us to be maryada purushottam. So, we are also inspired that I want to be like Baba, I have to be near Baba to be companion of Baba.

So, for all these days, we had been thinking about what Dadi did, and that she was companion of God. You know Baba does everything, but to be an instrument, you also have to offer yourself. Any time Dadi Prakashmani would call Dadi Janki for any task, Dadi Janki would feel very happy. She said, “Oh, God is remembering me”. So she would just generously, with an open heart say, “Yes Dadi, we will do it.” Then she would call some of us and say, “Oh, Dadi Prakashmani wants that”. Baba said, and Dadi also said that honesty is important. Sometimes we think about how much I have. I don't have time, I don't have extra of anything. Try saying, “Yes, Baba!” Then you see where it comes from. I have seen magic so many times. Suddenly, a call will come, Dadi calls us for something, and many souls at the same time are listening to that call. So, I will put down phone and then some will say, “Oh, we want to send something to Madhuban, we have something to give.” Every day, then every week, so many new centres, new retreat places, hundreds and hundreds of Gita pathshalas open every day. So, we all always say, it must be Baba, Baba's children, Baba's task.

So, we did our homework of ‘giving happiness’. Bhumi bhen had been trying also, anyone call’s, sometimes it's very difficult, in the sense of time. She would say, “Okay, yes because we just want drishti. So, happiness is not making someone only laugh or smile, but deep within whatever is their desire, just give two minutes, three minutes, five minutes. That's what had been happening here. Also, these days along with sharing drishti, we give blessings and we speak the words. I generally give toli and a card of blessings, and I say to them, “Okay, read this blessing”. So, that becomes their blessing. Then it comes to drishti and toli. There is so much in sharing drishti. I know how Dadi Janki gives so much through drishti. She is very quietly passing on powers to us, passing on the message to us. She is giving a lot of love through drishti. If we are happy and we share drishti, what are we doing? It is sharing happiness, also. So, we will be practising, in remembrance of Baba, with a lot of love from Baba, we just share drishti. When we are happy and we share drishti, what others feel is happiness. There is a lot of importance of sharing drishti, because it's not just the eyes, but it's the soul through the eyes. So, it's like you are sharing the love of God, powers of Baba, inspirations, enthusiasm, whatever qualities you have, you just share with drishti first. Of course, one is using those qualities in words, actions. The other is sharing through drishti.

When Baba comes, what does He do? He shares drishti, then of course, He speaks. He speaks and tells us what we are, and what we have to become. He tells us that we are ‘Holi Swans’, ‘Raj Rishis’,‘Swadarshan Chakradhari’, and ‘Self Sovereign’. This is what we are, and we have to become this, because we became that in the last Kalpa. So, even Baba's Murli starts with very elevated words for all of us. If we could just accept what Baba is saying for me, not just the ego. Self-respect is self-respect, and also we have to believe whatever Baba is saying, that's what I am. I like it. I never feel no Baba. I say yes to Baba. Keep saying yes, and your own inner power will increase to do it. By saying yes, Baba will also give you extra power, and interestingly, the family will also look at you and share with you all their good wishes. So, our practice is ‘don't look at anyone's weaknesses’. Yesterday Baba said that even if you look at one quality of the soul, that is that soul has recognized Baba. So, that connection is of ‘one family’ and everyone has the same aim. Sharing drishti, giving drishti will be our main practice for tomorrow.

A lot is happening here. This morning, there were twenty thousand for breakfast in Shantivan. Yesterday they had twenty one thousand plus four thousand in other places, Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhavan. Brahma Bhojan for twenty five thousand, and it was a good variety. Yesterday, all the double foreigners came from Gyan Sarovar for Dadi’s bhog. There are so many people in Shantivan, but it also feels so good because everyone is walking, doing what they want, and sevadharis, security, everyone is doing everything properly. So, let's share drishti from Baba and Om Shanti! Okay, congratulations to everyone for making two years of Avyakti Parivar, those who had been helping, cooperating, attending, everyone.

Om Shanti


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