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Companion of God - Removing Obstacles #6

Companion_of_God_6 Mohini_Didi March 21, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We have been practicing to keep a peaceful mind. When thoughts are pure, mind is peaceful. It is in peace that we accumulate power, because mind doesn't react to anything. It thinks, responds, but doesn't react. When mind is not peaceful, instead of responding, we react, then the other person reacts, so we are trapped in the cycle of action-reaction. We have to be like Brahma Baba, a detached observer. It's only when you are peaceful, you see things in a beautiful way. When mind is disturbed then you have a lot of questions. A peaceful mind has a lot of connection of being a detached observer. There is more power in peace. There is also the thought that I have to spread the vibrations of peace. Not only am I observing but I am also a bestower. You observe it and you give sakash, you observe it and you give light and might. If I am only observing, then I am also absorbing something. If you remember that the soul who is angry needs peace, then I create an atmosphere of peace. Brahma Baba didn't want to take anything from children, he didn't expect anything. Baba had pure vision, highest vision. A divine intellect is called swan intellect and when there is swan intellect, you can discern. If we stay in our original eternal stage, then we are giving the right message. When you give the right message then there is Baba’s presence. It's not only that I'm observing but I am also bestowing, then your tolerance, patience, everything will emerge. A peaceful mind is able to create all beautiful qualities and observe. A peaceful mind wants to give, share.

There are so many different obstacles while being on the journey that we want to remove. Some of the obstacles are in the mind and intellect. In body consciousness, there is a very subtle resistance and stubbornness to the change. Sometimes there is a lot of acceptance and sometimes there is resistance. The lane of mind should not have a lot of traffic or excessive thinking. When you have a lot of traffic, then intellect has to regulate that traffic. One subtle obstacle is traffic, another is very subtly - you have left home to reach wherever you have to go, but your mind is still at home. Very subtle thoughts pull you back. Anxiety is a very common emotion in most of us. Anxiety of leaving and anxiety of reaching. The day of happiness has these three thoughts: be calm, be wise and be kind. To keep mind calm is very important. A wise intellect is not cautious, not alert, but sensible. Be very prompt in taking action whatever is necessary.

There are also physical obstacles. Just to attend murli every morning there could be subtle laziness. Some have very little bondages and they don't know what to do with them. Very little bondages which can be easily settled and when you do, you are doing service, because others see your dedication towards your study and meditation. When they see that, you are sowing the seed of good quality in your lokik family. Sometimes you sit in meditation or read Murli and there is no fixed time for anything, no discipline. Those who are very fixed in their routine and principles in lokik life have a lot of respect internally. If you say, this is my principle and I'm going to do it, they might create obstacles but internally they know it's a very good quality. I remember that when I came in gyan, a lot of old mothers came to class very early in the morning. They carried their bag with murli, notebook, pencil and they left home. Their children would say granny or mother is going to school. They encouraged them, but if you are not regular, there won't be motivation even in children. When you don't get stopped by an obstacle, it does a lot of service. It shows your faith, your strength, your love. Sometimes obstacles come from your own body. Many find it difficult to wake up in the morning and they always find some reason. Whatever reason you cannot go to morning class, maintain your principles and listen to murli at the same time, take a shower, properly get ready as if you are sitting in class. Not drinking, walking around, cutting vegetables and listening to murli.

Obstacles also could be through money. Never forget that money increases, if it's appropriately used. Sometimes you might say you don't have it, but try saying, “I have to do at least this much. I have offer bhog, I have to give my monthly contribution.” You can experiment with it. I have seen whenever it comes to giving, it's also receiving. Whenever in service anything is required and we cooperate, instantly there will be the return or reward of that.

Think about your own life and check what kind of obstacles come. Are you able to remove them? That means you have power, you have determination. If every little thing stops you that means you are weak. Think about it, make a list of obstacles and how to remove them. It's a very good practice for you tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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