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Companion of God - Pure Thoughts #4

Companion_of_God_19 Mohini_Didi March 19, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone looks well. Baba likes the children who can keep themselves well. That is why Baba says that even when you have to write the news, just write, “I am okay.” So, if we are able to say to Baba, “I am okay”, Baba is very happy, Baba is very pleased. Otherwise, we always say to Baba that this is the complaint, this is the problem, there is this situation. So, Baba has to pay attention to that. If we want Baba’s attention on me, the self, then what we have to do is say to Baba, “Baba, I am okay.” So, whatever is not okay, Baba will set it that it will become okay. That’s the secret, every time we say to Baba, “Baba, yes, I am fine, I am okay, I am very good, and that means, I have used knowledge, I have used the power of yoga, I am paying attention to inculcation. That means I am doing all three subjects, and service is also happening in a beautiful way. That is how we become easy yogis, natural yogis. There is no effort, it is very natural.

So, today you all had a beautiful practice of experiencing spiritual love with Baba, and then sharing our love with everyone. Actually, if in our mind and in our hearts there is love, it is a great power inside, and we feel strong. As soon as there is a very subtle dislike for someone, other little feelings come, one is not able to be okay. So, we keep our feelings very clean, very pure, and full of spiritual love. When there is love, you are able to cooperate. When there is love, you are able to forgive and forget. With the power of love, everything can be done. Baba is able to transform us from impure to pure, from weak to powerful, because of His love for us. Whatever Baba explains to us, there is always a lot of love, there is never force, because love has more power than any other force. So, it’s not only my love for souls, or for nature, but for all creation. When there is love, there is also what we call non-violence, you don’t hurt anyone, or anything. There has been so much hurt, even to nature, destroying nature unnecessarily. When we belong to Baba, we don’t waste anything, and we are not consuming unnecessarily.

Another big power with being a companion of God, is to have pure thoughts. Pure is first viceless, and then there are certain weaknesses, like not getting angry, but very subtly when any kind of agitation, any kind of irritation comes. When there is purity, very naturally, this deep calmness is very peaceful. The mind, intellect and soul are peaceful. So, another thing is what we call unadulterated purity. Whatever someone was in the past, if I look at a person and say, “Oh, you are the same as when did this last year”, it's not a pure vision. Thoughts have to change into awareness, actually the thoughts that internally emerge, should only be from purity. So, pure thoughts become pure awareness. There may be a little bit of selfishness like, “Oh I wish I could get it, I wish I could do it, little desires that emerge do not let thoughts be unadulterated. These days, people look for pure food, organic, and so many different kinds, because they know that if they eat pure organic food, it doesn’t have chemicals, and is very beneficial for health. The same is with the health of the soul, health of mind and intellect. That health is possible if we always eat pure thoughts, have pure vision and a pure attitude. The diet for the soul becomes very pure, so we will practice, actually you can check all the time. Someone was showing me a wrist watch that shows blood pressure, pulse, everything of the body that is important. So, we also should have a nature check in our thoughts. If there is very subtle jealousy, comparison, or lack of contentment, then what happens? It's like the mind is poisoned, so one gets very sick, all the thoughts of doubts and different kinds of thoughts start coming. So, we need to have pure thoughts.

Some say that then there are sanskars, right? How did Brahma Baba keep awareness so strong that sanskars didn’t influence him? When there is a lack of smriti, awareness, then little influences come, and so we have to be very careful. One of the important things everyone is mentioning is that taking homework has really helped them to improve in different ways. Not just listening, but doing is also very important, and doing is also internal. So, we remain powerful and see that everything will work properly. Baba fulfills all our pure desires. So, today we have come to Gyan Sarovar after two years, and it is still very beautiful. It is springtime, there are beautiful flowers, and everyone is full of enthusiasm, love, and ready to serve, to welcome and feed everyone. So Baba has settled these places, so we learn, and so we can serve the same way at our places, because they are also Baba’s places. Actually, here it’s so clean both ways; physically, but also the air environment. Like there was this fear about what will happen in India. It seems fine, everyone is okay, and whatever is not okay, through our own inner powers, we make it okay. I have to remain okay, and everything has to be okay. Pure thoughts also keep us very close to Baba, naturally, because Baba is ever pure. The more we are pure, Baba says that you are pulled by the magnet, there is no dust, and there is no rust. Dust is from the present, and rust is from the past. So, no dust, no rust, just pure thoughts. Let us all remember Baba, and take the power of purity from Baba.

Om Shanti

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