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Companion of God - Give Sakaash #13

Companion_of_God_13 Mohini_Didi March 28, 2022

Om shanti Everyone!

This morning I’m meeting you from Delhi. Everything is going so smoothly. Baba and drama and good wishes of the family make everything very smooth. Baba is karankaravanhar. If you are detached then there is no tension, but trust. Trust in Baba, trust in drama, self-trust and in the family too. So many souls were talking about one of the most important qualities of Dadi Janki was that she would trust everyone. She would trust everyone and even senior people were talking about how her trust in them helped them to grow, come close to Baba, gain self-trust. For inner stability, trust is very important. The power of trust will also make things happen in the right direction. We talk about determination, but it is different from trust. Every virtue is a power, trust is power also. When there is power of trust, then things move according to what we want and if something needs to be fixed it will get fixed. Even if certain things happen temporarily where you need tolerance but with trust when you go through that, it doesn't affect you. If there’s a lack of trust then every situation will bother you. I find that trust is really useful.

What am I doing through drishti ? Soul consciousness and connecting them with Baba. I have to be in soul consciousness and I have to remember Baba, and when we do it, they can also experience it. Soul consciousness and connection with Baba gives the soul experience of either being bodiless, powerful or the stage of deep stability, peaceful mind. Many different experiences come through drishti. That is why people went to Madhuban to take drishti from Baba. It is different to take drishti in Madhuban, in person, rather than sitting at home through zoom. As much I have deep awareness, attitude, remembrance of Baba, no other thought, that much there will be power in drishti. Anything pure is definitely more powerful and gives a lot of strength. Every thought has vibrations and is spreading something, even if you are not aware. If in a very subtle way you have love or dislike for someone, even if you try not to express it, that subtle vibration will touch the other person.

This morning I was thinking, what is sakash? It is when your thoughts are pure, a current is coming out from that purity. Pure thoughts will be pure vibrations and they will become like light and might. Pure thoughts will become light, good wishes for other souls will become might. The same thoughts not only create vibrations, but also light and might. That is called sakash. The only effort is to keep my attitude clean, pure, peaceful, and have good wishes. Every pure thought has light and might. Think about that more and you will find that, if you call someone after doing this practice of sakash, they will know that your sakash is coming from Baba, but through you. It's another way we can serve the souls and also connect them with Baba. It's so simple. I don't have to give sakash, but I have to have pure thoughts. I should have peaceful thoughts. When I have peaceful and loveful thoughts the sakash is light and might, but that light could be of peace or of love, any quality. I thought tomorrow's practice for you is to give sakash. Just have pure, peaceful, loveful thoughts and automatically sakash is reaching them. Just create those vibrations, sit in that feeling and you will see how others experience it. It's not difficult to give sakash. Give drishti and through drishti, give sakash. It could be drishti through these two eyes or it could be drishti through your third eye. Look at the soul in soul consciousness and you will find how sakash is being shared. Experiment with that.

Om Shanti


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