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Companion of God - Experience Libration in Life #15

Companion_of_God_15 Mohini_Didi March 30, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Now you can see that I'm on the same seat, in the same room. You can see Shiv Baba. It was a really wonderful month, very busy, but it was very good and of course I met you from Delhi, Shantivan, Gyan Saroar, different places. So everyone is well? Okay? Yes. So, Baba had been talking about ‘controlling power and ruling power’. Baba is especially saying that we should be able to have control of the subtle powers, that is, the ‘mind and intellect’. So, this is the sanskar of being a master, master of the senses, master of the mind, master of our thoughts. To be a companion of God, we have to be masters. Of course, we had been using the word ‘detach observer’ but this is more about going beyond one's own present circumstances. As much as we go beyond, we become companions of Baba. Generally, the intellect and mind are very occupied with the present situation, personal situation, but if I just go beyond, be with Baba, and see how Baba takes care of it, that's what we were talking about today. The more you surrender yourself to Baba, especially our mind and intellect, Baba fulfils whatever is the need of the soul. So, to be very internally spiritual is to be a companion of God. You all must have practiced for a few days, how to create an atmosphere, whether it is silence or love, but how to create that atmosphere is very important. It's the power of yoga, power of silence, love for Baba, remembrance of Baba, all these are very subtle powers. The more powers we have, the more we could go beyond our present situations, otherwise the sanskars and the thoughts keep us in the same situation year after year.

So, we are talking about how to be liberated, liberation in life. In the Golden Age, there is no bondage. Generally, life is bondage, some karmas, some habits. It's like a bondage, but in the Golden Age, everything is pure, everything is divine. There is purity, there is love, there is happiness, but there is no bondage. So, all of us have to look into what are still subtle bondages, and I have to liberate myself from those subtle bondages. Those bondages don’t allow us to have a total surrender and one hundred percent faith and trust in Baba. We say that I have faith in Baba, I have love for Baba, but then subtle sanskars still emerge. So, if I want to be divine, I want to be royal, I want to be a companion of God, then I have to be free, not in any bondage. So if you look, since the Copper age, how the bondages began, the first one is body consciousness. In body consciousness there are very subtle desires. Then body consciousness creates all other vices also, lust, anger, greed and attachment.

Then there is nature, the body is from nature, the five elements. So, sometimes the body can pull. Then there is matter, the material things. That also is very subtle bondage. If I go beyond bondage then Baba said, “Nature and matter will serve you”. We will not be subservient to any matter because if I am subservient, I won't be master. If I'm not a master, I don't have Golden Aged sanskars. Then there are the relationships, to have soul conscious relationships with everyone, whether they are lokik or spiritual. So, we start with the body, then we have nature, we have matter, then we have relationships. Baba is talking of subtle powers, to have control over subtle powers, no bondage, then the soul can fly. When there is no bondage, your thoughts will be elevated, your thoughts will be about how to serve the souls. One is to be a ‘detached observer’, and the other is to go beyond, to go above. When we go above, then Baba guides the soul and I am able to follow all the shrimat of Baba. So, when we go to the Golden Age, of course we will experience the Golden Age, but to experience that at the Confluence Age. I have to be liberated, I have to be the master, I have to be a conqueror, victorious.

So, how did I begin the journey, jivan mukti, no bondage of any kind in life. So, first, from here, where do we go? Home. Home is also a land of liberation. There is complete silence there, in the incorporeal world, there is total silence. Then of course, there is love, there is peace, all the powers. So when Baba comes, He bestows to us ‘liberation and liberation in life’. Liberation is going home, and liberation in life is our kingdom, our future, our fortune. So, the soul has to become worthy, and when the soul becomes worthy, the soul starts moving towards the Golden Age. You will feel that I am in the Golden Age, and also a worship worthy soul. First, Baba says you become praiseworthy, then you become worship worthy. Whatever service we do here, character we have, personality we have, that makes us praiseworthy souls. Our vibrations should be so powerful, so loving, and these days everyone wants to experience the vibrations of the soul. So accumulate powers, accumulate virtues. If you keep a fragrant flower in the corner, everyone looks around. Where is that flower? The same is with our qualities, our virtues, they will pull us, and they will pull others also.

So, think of your royal sanskars of the Golden Age, and let go of present sanskars. The more you do that, you come closer to Baba, and Baba makes you a companion. As a companion of God, what do we need? Baba will take care, right? I like this title very much to be ‘Companion of God’, one who has qualities like Baba, because only then can you be close to Baba. So, look at all the qualities, look at the powers, and liberate yourself from anything, whatever you feel is there, so you can experience liberation in life. Think, contemplate on that more and more, meditate, so that you can feel moving from the Iron Age to the Confluence Age, and then the Golden Age. Emerge those qualities of the Golden Age, emerge those experiences, and then you won't say that it's in the future, you will say that it’s in the present. If I have these experiences at present, then only can I have them in the Golden Age. Baba always says that you prepare for the Golden Age at the Confluence Age. So, tomorrow when you get up in the morning at amritvela, think about the experiences and qualities of the Golden Age; royal, worship worthy, Godlike, gods, goddesses, all the qualities. So contemplate, think about it.

Om Shanti


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