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Companion of God - Conlusion and Experiences #31

Companion_of_God_16 Mohini_Didi March 31, 2022

Om Shanti!

I am sure that you all had beautiful experiences for the month of March. To be together, and to be very near to our ancestor souls, Dadis. Bhog was offered in the month of March, and we were seeing all the Dadis present there. Then we were especially focusing on these two Dadis; Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki. I definitely felt closeness to them, understanding what they were doing, what kind of efforts they did, what was their main focus and attention in their life, and that they reached their stage of perfection. So, I found that it was very inspiring, Dadi Janki as a companion of God. So, I had a lot of churning about how they were able to stay with Baba, but also how Baba allowed them to stay so close with Him. Like if you have a person whose energy is not very peaceful or loveful, you don't want that person to be close to you all the time. Those who have similar qualities, very good feelings and, as Baba said, elevated bhavna, elevated feelings, and family love, when those vibrations are there, you allow that person to stay close to you. So, same with Baba. One is that I want to stay close, and the other is that Baba wants me to be close to Him. That is really a very subtle aspect which I realized today, and that actually what I am doing is limited efforts. What Baba does for us is unlimited. That's why when Baba says that you come one step forward, I will come ten steps forward, that should become the experience of life. So, as a companion of God and chariot of God. Shiv Baba, Avyakt Bapdada will come and stay very close to Dadi Gulzar's soul, and Dadi Gulzar will also feel very much merged in their love. So, their personalities were almost the same. So, I think, I feel we all had a very good experience and we became subtle, more pure, more clean. So, I think that this must be the common experience.

Om Shanti

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