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Companion of God - Clean Heart #2

Companion_of_God_2 Mohini_Didi March 17th, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Are you all okay? Very well? I would say first Happy Holi! Why do we say Happy Holi? Because we have knowledge of Drama, whatever happened, happened. You know there is some benefit there. Either maybe we settle karmic accounts, or sometimes scenes might not be pleasant, but there was some learning there. So, we accept everything. Ho-li means it happened. It happened, and we should make it past ho-li, so we will be happy. If we remember, and have a lot of feelings left from whatever happened in relationships or situations, we cannot be happy. So, let us all have determination that we will always be happy. Today is the day of color, throwing color, powder color, a lot of color. So, the main color is of God's company – sang ka rang. Every company colors us, and that is why Baba says to be careful of company. If you stay in the company of good students, you will study, not waste time, but if you have company of those who just waste their time, that color or company also influences. It is a really good and interesting experience. Yesterday, one person came to interview all of us, just to share the significance of one color. There are so many colors, so I took green. People like everything green. It is springtime, so things are becoming green. They have green juices, and for the body, it's good for the eyes to walk in the morning in the green grass. There are spiritual colors and there are physical colors. Sometimes, I think is it human beings who created colors or nature? Actually, human beings look at nature and they give names to the colors. There are sometimes very beautiful designs, and all those designs are really from nature. It's not human beings who create, but human beings create based on what they see in nature like sky color, then sunlight. The whole day, colors keep changing. So again, Happy Holi to each one of you.

Dadi Janki was really an example. Each one of us can take some specialty from her. Her sound and her words are so powerful, so clear, and so transparent. Whatever she says doesn't feel like it's just the information or she's saying it from her intellect, but I could always feel she's talking from the heart. Her soul is talking through the heart. It's like pure feelings. Dadi Janki was very well known. Even very important souls in the Yagya say that one person who never gives up having good wishes for others is Dadi Janki. That means she would not give up on a single soul, because she had a clean heart. You all know clean means clean. That means her feelings for everyone all the time were of love and peace. Even though she would hear certain things about a person, and she would know that it was true, her feelings were very much of helping that soul, having good wishes for that soul. Then others would say, “Why don't you just leave it?” She said, “No, if there is a critical case physically, the doctor or surgeon treats that person, and he becomes very famous that this surgeon was able to do surgery, that was very critical, very risky.” So, I remember Dadi Janki’s example. She would not just take things that are easy, but she would take very complicated cases also.

So, a clean heart has power because when it's clean, that means there is no adulteration. Baba talks about a clean vessel where intellect as a vessel or mind as a vessel are clean, then even the knowledge becomes nectar, knowledge becomes wisdom, knowledge becomes power. If we have some precondition, knowing the person from the past and holding onto that feeling or impression, it is not clean. If there is a clean heart, it's like they say that if you are drinking or eating something that is 100% clean and pure, it has a lot of energy. If that is mixed with something, then it won't be that powerful. Cleaning is something that we have to do very regularly. Even sometimes dust is not visible, but it's there. If you wipe something after a few hours, you will find there is little dust. So, we also have to keep checking, “Is my heart clean?” When it's clean, it's very light, and when you are light, you are happy. If there is any kind of heaviness, then subtle, very subtle questions emerge, and when questions emerge then there is heaviness until they are answered. Clean is like it goes above, it's very easy to go above. That is why they call it an enlightened heart. That means it’s higher, and spiritually enlightened.

So, all of us have to reflect and go deep into what is a clean heart. Whatever power then is required; whether sorting out, or forgiveness, or pure vision, whatever is required, just do that. Whenever we are together thinking about qualities of Dadi Janki it's not only about Dadi Janki, we want to inculcate that. Dadi had it, then what? I also should take it. So, we take that inspiration, we learn the method, and after learning the method, we use it practically. So, all of us will look into an honest heart, that was yesterday, and a clean heart will be tomorrow for your homework. Are my feelings coming from a pure heart, a clean heart? The heart also is a space. You say, “Oh, I have to keep Baba in my heart if it's clean.” If your heart is clean, Baba can come and be with you. So, we all will work on that, and the only way to do it is to remember Baba. So, let us all remember Baba, and with Baba, play Holi and be happy.

Om Shanti

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