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Companion of God - A Peaceful Mind #5

Companion_of_God_5 Mohini_Didi March 20, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Om Shanti from Gyan Sarovar! It's beautiful here, lovely weather, a little cool, it's really very good, and many double foreigners are here, everything is normal. When I say normal, I mean there is not much fear of virus. A few got a cold, but it has been really good. We all have been well here. Yesterday, we went to Global Hospital for chit chat. In the evening, we did ‘World Meditation Hour’ at the ‘Tower of Peace’. About one thousand Baba's children were there. They are trying to renovate Pandav Bhavan, a lot of rooms are very cool, and very old. So, a lot is going on. It's a big family here, so naturally everything is big. It is very beautiful to see how to create a balance of doing whatever we have to do, but also, my spiritual journey is where I keep attaining my stages. One is like okay, I get a stage, but the other is that I am using that stage for Baba's task, or any task. So it's not separate, if I want to do good quality service, then I have to be in a good stage, and when I am in a good stage, automatically good service will happen. So, we are paying attention to both ‘self’ and ‘service’, taking care of self and the family. They are together and there needs to be a proper balance. Sometimes we get so busy in service, which is good, but do traffic control, create awareness, be with Baba, use the virtues, all that has to continue. So, it's very interesting to create this balance.

I had been also thinking a lot about being “Companion of God”. We need the same qualities as Baba. So, we talked about Dadi's quality of having pure thoughts all the time, and when we have pure thoughts, actually it's very beautiful that we are creating something, and we are settling something. Let's say, if someone has any kind of thoughts that are not good for us, but my thoughts, my pure thoughts will cancel that. It's not only that it won't affect me, but also, it will settle some subtle karmic accounts. If that soul is thinking like this about me, it must be some karma. So, if I am in pure thoughts, that will get settled automatically. Then, what starts happening is, internally, you become very peaceful. So, we call it a ‘peaceful mind’, not only experiencing peace, but I think in peace, and my mind is always peaceful. I find it's true, because whatever happens, for a moment if you need to think, you think, but then immediately you are peaceful inside because of purity. There is a deep connection between purity and peace. Subtle impurity can also create disturbance, you can lose power, you can lose peace, but when there is purity, then the mind becomes very peaceful. So, instead of paying attention that I shouldn't have wasteful thoughts, pay attention to what kind of impurity I have. When the mind is peaceful, the mind is clear, and your thinking will be clear. That means you can make good efforts because you are seeing everything clearly. Like while driving, if you cannot see clearly, you cannot drive fast. The same is with a spiritual journey. When you can see clearly, you can have very good speed, otherwise, if there is a little fog and you are not able to see clearly, you have to slow down. Always remember that if I have to be near Baba, I have to be peaceful.

So, ultimately our aim is to become like Baba, but first I have to be a companion. Dadi Janki always said “I am a Companion of God”, not only in qualities, but she always felt that, “When Baba does service, He has to keep me with Him, and when I do service, I keep Baba with me.” It's both ways. Not only Baba is keeping me with Him, but also I have to keep Baba with me. So, does this remain the whole day or only while doing service? When you are eating, do you eat alone, or with the Companion? That companionship, where I am with Baba, eating with Baba, anything I am doing. So, that awareness always has to be there. We used to play badminton with Baba in the afternoon. Baba would stop for a few moments and say, “Whom you are playing with?” We would say ‘Baba’. He would say, “No, you are playing with Mother Father, BapDada”, because they are combined. A companion has to follow all the directions, and Brahma Baba has to always maintain Shiv Baba's company. Sometimes, he had to sacrifice a lot of things like his personal interest. Whatever Shiv Baba wanted about the way Baba was, he had to do that.

Once Baba was invited to go to Bombay in winter and he was ready to go. Then directions came from Shiv Baba, “You cannot go, you shouldn't be travelling, it's not safe for you because you are My chariot.” There were a lot of messages back and forth, but finally, Baba didn't travel after that. Actually, Baba never travelled out of Abu. So, would I be able to do that, or will I plan whatever I plan for myself? I cannot plan for myself. I have to plan together with Baba, “Baba shall we go?” I leave Baba and say, “Okay, I am going.” So then what will Baba do? He will also say, “Okay, I am going, I will see you later.” So, this companionship could be very loving, but also some sacrifice is required if I want to be a companion for 24 hours. Sacrifice will bring so much reward, and for so many births. Companionship is where we are also sharing everything, the reward, everything we share with Baba. Tomorrow, you will do that like in lokik, with husband-wife, brother-sister, when we want to be together, how do we plan things? How do we plan with Baba? So think about it, as a companion, I have to have a peaceful mind. Okay, let's remember Baba with pure thoughts and a peaceful mind. Okay, Om Shanti! Yes, it's a beautiful place where Baba lives, but it's not only Baba, right? We all also live there in a beautiful place. Om Shanti, have a peaceful mind.

Om Shanti

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