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Co-operative with everyone #12

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_12 Mohini_Didi November 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

A special Om Shanti to the Thai families. It's a very interesting word that Baba is saying that means there is an operation, Baba’s task. This is Baba's task of establishing a new world, it's Baba's family, unlimited family. At Confluence Age, each one of us are instruments for Baba’s task. So, some souls are very much in solitude, in isolation, in the sense that whatever they do they are following the dictates of their own mind. Baba said that holding Baba’s hand is following Shrimat, and when we follow Shrimat, it becomes very easy to work with others, to help others, harmonize the sanskar and work hand in hand. Not just I or mine, but it's Baba's task. Of course, everyone has certain duties, certain departments, to function properly to be responsible and take care of that is one cooperation, but there is a certain subtle cooperation. If you have the quality, let's say of contentment, or you have the quality of being double light. So, what will you do? Many souls on their journey do not find contentment, and they always think someone else is responsible. The Yagya has to do more for me. They always find the reason outside. A good effort maker will always have contentment. So, when someone comes who has less contentment, I can't be cooperative, to help that soul. If I cannot help, I can at least remain content. When there is contentment, then the atmosphere of the Yagya remains very peaceful. Even if I say that others are also like this, it's not just me, others are saying that too. If there is something like that, you inform the seniors, but do not talk amongst yourselves.

The vibrations and the atmosphere of the Yagya are very important because that's where flowers have to blossom. For Baba's children to feel power, to be sustained depends on the kind of atmosphere we create. So, I find that cooperation at that level, where I always create the atmosphere which helps other souls and sustains them, makes them powerful. Not that I get influenced. Sometimes that happens. So, cooperation is through words, it is through your faces. If you're not looking happy, even people in your lokik family will sympathize with you. Oh, you don't get this there, maybe you don't get respect, maybe you don't get enough freedom, or you don't get the kind of food you want. So, they sympathize with you, but that's not service. When they see us full and happy, naturally, we look at them and they are so full. So we are serving that way. It's very interesting that a lot of people think cooperation is only through wealth, only through words, or only by doing what I have to do. I am doing my duty, but are you happy doing it? Are you appreciating what you are receiving from the Yagya? Are you appreciating Baba's sustenance in so many different ways? So, as much as I understand through being an embodiment, through your activity, through your face, all that should be visible. So then you will be like a proper cooperative soul.

Generally we say that, there are some Baba's children who are ‘pakha’ brahmins, but others are cooperative, that means they help in whatever way they can. They talk good about Brahma Kumaris, but within the family, within the Yagya, the word cooperation has a different meaning than cooperative in a lokik way. Baba wants our cooperation through our thoughts, through our words, through our actions. Also, if your chart is good, timetable is good, that's also a big cooperation. So, I always say to keep yourself spiritually well, and that's only possible, as Baba said, when you focus on your own self, Baba and I. Do not compare with others for anything because everyone has different karmic accounts, everyone has different degrees of purity, or the efforts they make. So everyone goes through different things. Some have difficulties in relationships, and some have difficulties in doing what they are doing, but why should I be affected? So keep focus on yourself, keep focus on your own efforts.

Today is Sunday, we will be reading and listening to Avyakt Murli. Baba is saying so much about what should be my awareness. I was thinking about awareness or forgetfulness. So, awareness or remembrance, and that remembrance also not only of Baba, but my own self, what I was, and what we have to become. That's what Baba tells us in the Murli. So many souls come to me and ask what effort I should make? Baba tells us what we have to do. It's from the Murli that we get all the signals, all the directions, all the advice Baba has to give. So we have to listen carefully, churn on that and practice, bring that in your practical life. Then not only you will be satisfied, but you will feel very close to Baba. Baba is pleased to look at each one of us. So, as Baba said, hold Baba's hand of Shrimat and also become very cooperative and help other souls also to become powerful.

Om Shanti

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