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Co-operative companions with one another #12

Sweetness_and_Love_12                       Mohini_Didi                    February 12, 2024

Om Shanti Baba’s cooperative and companion children. 

I'm meeting you all from Shantivan, Saraswati Bhavan. We also call it Matheshwari Bhavan, because Mama's name also was Brahma Kumari Saraswati. So these  buildings in Shantivan are for training and educational purposes. So the name is also such. I am here and we have created a little space that we call the Avyakti room, and  I am sitting here meeting you all. It was a three day long trip and we are settling in and haven't gone out much. What I find is that whenever Baba says something, instantly our mind will connect with the experiences, events, situations. That experience becomes like it's like two hands of the body left and right. So you start doing things with the right and then something is happening, the left hand automatically moves forward to support it. Sometimes the right is very tired, then we start using the left. It feels like two companions. Like you must have noticed with two legs, two eyes, everything has two. So, by nature actually the body which is part of it has these qualities. It will never happen that if the left hand gets up or raises to help, the right would say, “No, you can't do it.” Have you ever seen them fighting? When there is victory, there is joy. They both come together and clap,  and clapping sounds very good. So, it is the same between two souls, especially when we're talking of Brahmin souls. They should be together; cooperative and companions. A companion will never leave anyone in the middle, they will stay with you until the end, even whatever difficulties come, they will stay together. Many beautiful thoughts come about what it is to be cooperative and companion. Baba is explaining to us that when you say, “Wah! sweet Baba”, your mouth is sweetened because you experience attainment. When Baba looked at me, even before speaking words of ‘pure child’, ‘sweet child’, what was my experience? Just those two words not only bring realization, but they make you belong to Baba and also then surrender to Baba. In the same way, when any Brahmin souls mention the name of any Brahmin, you should become happy because with this specialty that each one of you has attained from the Father, you are co-operative companions with one another. Specialties are given to us by Baba. We have to realize how to use the specialties to be co-operative. I always say, always remember, I am cooperating in Baba’s task. Don't look at the person right, even if you look, it's good, but sometimes I'm not going to listen to that one. Some resistance sometimes could be there, but when it is Baba’s task, and at the right time, if you don't appear and you do not cooperate, it can't bring happiness. Happiness comes when at the right time we become cooperative with each other. So, when Baba says to give and take happiness, I think we come to know through this. Giving happiness is to be co-operative and companion with your specialty. With that specialty you have received, share happiness with one another and continue to do so in the future, so that we share happiness and God’s task also is accomplished. 

Om Shanti


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