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Cleanliness of the Heart #13

Honest_Heart_13 Mohini_Didi December 13,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

I am very fortunate to have the blessing of all three. I was thinking, what is the blessing of Shiv Baba? What is the blessing of Brahma Baba? Then, what is the blessing of Mama? I am trying to remember. I know that I met all of them. The first time I went to meet Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba it was said that if you are in soul consciousness then Shiv baba will come in Brahma Baba, otherwise Shiv baba won’t come. So, we used to practice a lot of soul consciousness. I remember while traveling for 24 hrs, I am a soul, I am a soul. I am peaceful. So, there was such a feeling, not only a feeling, but a real experience of purity. I thought that was Baba’s blessing, because I felt as if somebody had cleaned everything, taken out everything impure from me in the first drishti. It was a very beautiful experience that I am a pure soul. Not just that I am a peaceful soul, but I am a pure soul. Then I met Brahma Baba, of course Shiv baba might be there, but Brahma Baba always said, “You will glorify Baba. You will go to many parts of the world.” At that time, I didn't know. I always remind myself that I have to be an instrument to glorify Baba. Anyone who talks to me and meets me should experience Baba. Then of course Mama always used to say, “You are a satopradhan kumari”, and I used to like that because that means not to have ordinary habits of just talking and using words that are not good. Even friendship, but not any such conversations that are lokik. She always used to say not to gossip, not to do things that are not really spiritual.

So, I was remembering all the three blessings. Baba said that everyone wants to reveal Baba. One is to give Baba’s introduction through words, but you do it as Baba said, serving through a pure and clean heart. So the “I” has to disappear. “I am this, I can do this. I did it. I give gyan. When I give gyan, everyone likes it. Everyone likes when I speak.” Now this ‘I’ is very subtle. So, if it is there, how can you reveal Baba? So, of course as soul consciousness, I am an elevated soul, pure soul, but also, whatever I am is because of Baba. How many of us knew anything about what we are today? Baba gave us our introduction, Baba made us recognize what we are, and what we can do. So Baba should be so much merged in our heart that neither our intellect or our mind has subtle desires. So, I think that revelation also definitely has a connection with a clean heart. Everytime you give the course to someone, or you teach meditation to someone, look at Baba. Baba, are you pleased? Sometimes we use a lot of intellect, it’s only intellect, but love of Baba should be so much merged into the self. They should feel that, because I remember when I was introduced, I just felt Baba. Yes, Baba is incorporeal, Baba is my Father. I just felt it. Just by listening to it, I felt those sisters who were giving the introduction were really close to God. Nothing was mixed up, they didn’t give examples or stories. Sometimes, to explain something, to prove that point, we give a lot of examples, and something will be lost there. Just give a pure introduction of Baba. When you give a pure introduction of Baba, others will feel that.

I was thinking of a clean heart. Even if you are giving examples, use examples from Baba’s Murli. Telling stories in between also brings other influences. We are so used to listening to stories in the path of Bhakti. Listening to the Ramayan, listening to the Bhagavad, and we enjoyed them. What happened to Sita? What happened to Hanuman? So, a clean heart really is for giving the introduction of the soul or God. Give it as it is. This is our recognition of Baba, and then giving introduction to others. So Baba will be revealed. If there is any influence of anything, it is not a clean heart. So we have to be very careful that while serving, I keep my heart very clean and not hold anything for any one. Always clean, and I think that will help the other souls to feel the power, and feel that they really got some blessings, also. Of course Baba says that everyone has received three blessings right from Shiv baba, Brahma Baba, and Mama. I am fortunate to meet them. I shared that, but each one of you should think about it. There is truth, and then with truth, there is cleanliness. You know they also say that this one is a clean person. Basically there are two things. One is character, and the other is money in the lokik world. If some one’s character is clean, the relationships with parents or any relationship, there is no one in between. Second, is definitely clean in the sense that you don’t accept any praises or bribes or somebody to please you. So clean is clean accounting, transparency. I don’t owe anything to anyone. I never deceived anyone, very transparent. Very clean, and Baba is the lord of Truth. It is so interesting when you think that God is watching us. So we have to be clean and we have to be very honest. Then, if we have that clean heart, we serve through our clean heart. When you serve as Baba said, there will be success. Of course, because of the blessings that you have received, and also because of the clean heart, there will be success.

For each one of us, our self effort, we share with Baba, but also to do service is very important. How do we give Baba’s introduction, serve? I think if we keep this thought, a lot of service will come in front of us. So then we should take every opportunity to do service. So, it is so beautiful to think of revelation, determination,and our promise. Baba says that every one promises, but this is like you are taking a vow, “I must do it.” Especially these days now, there could be a reason, an excuse, but if there is determination, with determined thought, with full determination, I will definitely be able to serve a lot. So, our homework for churning, practicing, experiencing, is that I have to have a clean heart so that the Lord is pleased. Sitting on the heart throne really means what? Baba thinks of you. Any service will come like here now, any service comes, we think this person could be the right one. So Baba has to make me an instrument. Baba looks at our clean heart, this child can definitely serve. There are quality souls, heir souls or for the Yagya, any task of the Yagya, Baba will think of you and then we become instruments. Just imagine that when Baba thinks of you and you become an instrument, how much joy and fortune we all will have. There will definitely be a very beautiful experience.

Om Shanti

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