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Child of the Ocean of Happiness and so a master #23

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_23      Mohini_Didi         March 23, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba is reminding us of our relationship with Baba, and that is we are children of the Father and also the master. Baba makes us feel that this should be natural. Baba is the Ocean of Happiness, so the children should also be masters of happiness. We never heard that God becomes sad or upset or that He watches all the Drama. Sometimes we look at Baba, and there are so many scenes of Drama where we get sorrow, then there is concern. Baba is a detached observer of every scene of Drama. Baba is the Ocean of Happiness, and we should also be like Baba and of course. If you apply knowledge, have purity, you will definitely feel that you’re not only a child, but you’re also a master. It’s a kind of practice to be a detached observer, and then see how you are free from the land of sorrow. This whole month, Baba had been talking about being free from sorrow, giving sorrow, taking sorrow. I also think that is why it is so important for our stage to be free from sorrow. Sometimes there is sympathy, sometimes there is concern, but Baba does not want both. On one side you say you should be a bestower, but your capacity to be a bestower keeps increasing if we don’t take sorrow. If you take sorrow, then you will not be able to bestow. 

So our homework signal from Baba is to be a child of the Ocean of happiness and so a master. This realization and awareness, if it remains constant, you definitely become master, emperor of the land without sorrow. You will always experience yourself to be on the bed of happiness, and in the end in the world of happiness. So, they have shown Vishnu as a deity on the bed of a very big serpent, resting in the ocean of milk. That means we have to transform. It needs a lot of transformation to change the thoughts of fear, worry, and sorrow and change it to happiness. So, Baba says there is no name or trace of sorrow in the world of Brahmins or in the life of Brahmins, because nothing is lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. Since you have wealth and relationships, then you have the land without sorrow, that is, you have the whole world. We are always the children of the Ocean of happiness, so a master, that is, an emperor. You are a child of the Ocean of Happiness, and because of that, you are an emperor. To remain happy and full are the symbols, and very good qualities of an emperor. The self-respect that the emperor has, the intoxication of being master that the emperor has, many qualities come to mind of an emperor. So, Baba wants us to be a child so master. So we keep the aim and we become like Baba. 

Om Shanti


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