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Check Chart Of Thoughts, Time, Virtues and Powers #25

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_25 Mohini_Didi March 25, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Yes, you are all okay because your account of accumulation is good. Baba is saying that while doing service, in relationships, you should remain light and pay attention to the account of the best. In service, we might have conflicts, there will always be differences of opinions, but remember our thoughts and our words create an atmosphere. Baba always likes that the atmosphere should always be light, let there be unity with each other. Sometimes there could be a little bit of tension, but we can change the atmosphere, we can pay attention to resolving any tension as quickly as possible. Don’t let any wasteful thoughts stay within the self, they create a very stale kind of energy. We need fresh energy, freshness. If it’s stale, if it’s heavy, then your enthusiasm is lost, your creativity is lost. So, when Baba says to look at the chart, look at both waste and best. In a situation, see what best you could have done, see the quality of thoughts, and then how you spent time. Did you use virtues? Were you able to maintain the awareness that I am an elevated soul with powers? Baba has connected both thoughts and the time. On your chart, write whether you are spending in the best way or if you find that I did have some waste thinking. Baba is saying that if you use your virtues and powers in a good way, it will become natural.

We have to create a calculation method, because it’s not just a question of percentage. I think mostly our savings in the best is a lot, but to be connected with awareness like Baba said. If your awareness is that I am an elevated soul, then your awareness and your image is elevated, but then your thoughts also need to be elevated. Elevated thoughts are really like a flying stage, and the stage where you feel full. Like yesterday, we talked about feeling empty sometimes, hopeless, disappointed, but if you think elevated, think best, you will be full. These days it is very important to feel elevated and full. Baba says that this is only possible if your chart, your budget, is towards savings. The whole day even by elevated thoughts and awareness we do earn a lot, but we also spend a lot all day. Even in lokik income, you earn a lot, but then your budget, you pay your bills, your expenses suddenly increase. The same happens with spiritual income. We remember Baba, we try to burn our sins, and five minutes per hour is really not enough, or there could be a lot, but by night time, how much have you spent? I think it's good to do an appropriate calculation of best and waste. Some people are so concerned about the cost of living, everything is becoming more and more expensive, but if you have enough savings, then internally, deeply you are very comfortable. Your heart tells you that you will manage, we will manage. Internally also, there are so many karmic accounts, so many situations, we don't know what is in the next moment. You are kind of unsure, insecure, look at your inner feelings, I think we will manage, I think I can manage. That comes from your savings, that internally you are very stable, you are not in fear. It is very interesting the way Baba is saying that what will cooperate with you is your savings of powers and virtues. Like if I internally guarantee myself, whatever the situations will be, I will remain peaceful, whatever situations come, I will remain okay.

So, when you create that kind of stage, and you see what you have been able to do, whether listening or observing or saying something, and do it in self respect, then there is no subtle fear of reaction of others, or my own reactions. These are certain moments where we know how much savings we have, and how stable you are. When we spend money or have a credit card, you have to pay your credits on time. Your credit will not only remain the same, but they increase it because you have been paying regularly. Some people wait until the last day to pay their credit cards, and there are some who get the bill and they pay it. So, it is the same in our spiritual life. There is so much in our intellect and mind that has to be settled. Baba says that internally, what you have saved you will be very cooperative to other souls. I have been mentioning to everyone that when you internally have savings, you like to cooperate. Cooperation helps in whatever way, sometimes it could be they want advice from you, suggestions from you, sometimes they want company to help them, or listen to them with a lot of patience and love. So, there are many different ways that you can have savings, and you can cooperate with yourself and others. Baba is saying to pay a little bit more attention to the savings, and when you are able to save, then Baba is saying that there is less effort and no fear inside. All of us somewhere have very subtly some fear that something could happen, and do I have enough power to face that situation, or do I have enough power to accomplish the task I have been given? Do we have enough power to do everything accurately? So this is not only cooperation but inner security where you remain not only stable, but very elevated. If you have all of that, it means you have a savings account.

People always look at their budget for everything. Even if we keep a register or not, we keep a chart or not, whether something is called a record, whether you are in school, or job, any company you work for, your report is there. There are simple things, like how many times during the week you were not punctual for work. In the beginning, nobody would notice, even you will not care, but a record is kept. There are thoughts, time, virtues and powers. Which virtue while using it did you find didn’t work for a long time? Let's say I have trust, so I have patience, and I keep patience, and a day comes when I lose patience and I say that I don't think I can wait anymore. You are not realizing that your power of trust is working, it is going to make things happen. So, never ever in your life get disappointed. Something better will happen. Baba will make it happen. Actually, everything that we do, Baba makes us do. So, I think that if you start with the thoughts then with the time, then with the virtues, and finally with the powers, our chart has to be of all these four. I think we will get there with savings, but one is keeping an account. Baba says to keep a chart, not in a week, every day, and if you do it then it just becomes our nature, it becomes very easy. So, account of waste, account of savings, and then total balance in our savings account.

Om Shanti

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