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Charitable Soul #25

Construct_the_New_World_25 Mohini_Didi July 25,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay, everyone well? Everyone is a charitable soul. Being together with family worldwide, it's a big joy. Sharing happiness with each other, and a lot of inspiration. When I was in England, one old woman came and said, “When I see you every evening, I say, ‘Why can’t I come every evening?’” I said, “You come every evening, why should I not come?” It is at the Confluence Age, Baba gives us the title of ‘charitable soul’. It is everything you do actually, it doesn’t have any other interest; interest of status, interest of getting money, just a lot of love and pure feelings. When I came to know Baba, what Baba is doing, and that He is my Father. I have to follow Him. So I offered my life to Baba for world service. We offered to this organization. Each one of us volunteers, and as Baba says in one of the Murlis, in the beginning, we heard about the treasures of the Confluence Age, of thought and time. Of course, you know that whatever we have according to our fortune, wealth, specialities or skills, we use it for Baba’s service. Basically it is pure thoughts, elevated thoughts, offering our thoughts for service to Baba. I had this question today; Should we create a good atmosphere first and then speak or speak and then create atmosphere?” When I was in London, I had only 4-5 minutes before I had to leave for the airport. So I thought, what to do now? There were at least 2000-3000 people and I could see there were a lot of local ministers, a lot of Indian V.I.Ps, it was a very good crowd. So I asked them because everything has to go through a technician, it is a very well planned program. So I asked Manda, that instead of saying Om Shanti three times, can Bhumi Bhen make them chant? Maybe they will have some experience. So when she was chanting, many were chanting. Before starting anything, everyone became so quiet, in deep silence. So, through your thoughts, your vibrations, first you create the atmosphere.

So, there is charity, then Baba says that when you do charity at this time, you will be a charitable soul forever. I started thinking that at Confluence Age, I am a charitable soul, using my thoughts and time, always thinking about bringing some benefit to the soul. So charity is from soul to soul. Donation or contribution, we call it, is still something material, but whenever you have to put something in Baba’s box, Baba’s bhandara, remember Baba for a few minutes and then you put it in Baba's box. Baba this is my gift for world service. Make a very auspicious thought before you put it in Baba’s box. I know that I don’t have income but there are some that whatever old currency they have, they put it in Baba’s box. What difference does it make? It is bhavna. Whether you buy fruit for the bhog, or you offer bhog. I find it very important for everyone to think of offering bhog. So everything comes under what we call a charitable act because from that offering, what is coming to me is Baba’s blessings.

We try so that everything should be the best. What can we offer to God? It doesn’t make any difference to Him, but it is my respect. I don’t expect anything in return, but it is my love for Baba. So, we are becoming charitable forever. I always say that whenever you have to offer bhog, you don’t put a check, you just put in money for the fruits and flowers. We are helping the souls to increase their zeal, enthusiasm, and courage. Like passengers going to a pilgrimage place. Whenever a passenger is not able to walk and he is tired, you give a hand and words of encouragement so that the strength comes back. He continues on to his destination. That is charity. Baba is saying to renounce temporary perishable respect, recognition of the self, acknowledgement, these are very kind of normal desires. Baba used to give a lot of tests to see if we were shaken or had wasteful thoughts. Baba loves everyone. So what Baba is saying is to never have this thought, that Baba is not giving enough attention, remain stable in your self-respect. Very quickly people lose self-respect and start having wasteful thoughts for one’s own self, not for others; I don’t think I am worthy, nobody likes me, whatever I do is wrong, I am always like that. Nobody said that, you just keep saying it to yourself. It’s not a blessing for yourself. It's a lack of self respect.

So Baba says to remain humble and continue to give respect to others. Our account is with Baba, not with any soul. To give respect to others means to put them ahead and to bring zeal and enthusiasm into them. When you give them the treasures of zeal and enthusiasm, happiness and cooperation at that time, you are made into a charitable soul for all the time. There will be timely cooperation, like you need something and someone appears in front of you. The first thing we say is, “Oh God, now help is here, this angel is here.” At that time, whatever help was needed, it became like a charity. I have noticed this so many times. I am standing and waiting and I am saying, “How will I manage?” Then someone or other emerges. So what is in your heart? Blessings! It's a very subtle aspect, charity. Donations, contributions are very gross, and it’s very important because we create fortune, but to have the title of charitable soul, you have to see those moments when the soul needs help. Like today, I called someone and I was talking. It was such an impact on that soul, she said, “Oh,’ my strength has come back. I am enthusiastic. This call has really been remarkable for me.” So, charity is serving, fulfilling the needs of the soul, not what I want, but what other souls need. If that is fulfilled, then automatically, Baba says that you will get cooperation from everyone. So, all of us have to shift our awareness and attitude for service, and for taking care of the Yagya. When that level goes higher, then automatically souls will feel strong. They will be pulled. The atmosphere will bring them. Service can expand in a very beautiful way. So Baba is saying to stay in self respect, give respect to everyone, help the souls to increase their zeal and enthusiasm.

Om Shanti

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