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Change yourself #25

Harmonizing_Sanskars_25                    Mohini Didi                        April 25, 2024   

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. The day of Satguru Baba has the omens of Jupiter, and very auspicious vibrations. Baba is the Supreme Teacher, Supreme Father and Satguru. What the Father does, what the Teacher does, and what the Satguru does, we have experience of all relationships with Baba. It's our fortune that we are getting sustenance from God only at Confluence Age. Not only from Baba, but I was thinking that we get sustenance from every element. Today was a beautiful day. Even though it’s cool, there was sun. The food was good. Brahma Bhojan all the way from Florida. It was the first time, how many of you drank sugarcane juice? Sugarcane from home,and  mangoes. So, there is sustenance. I know it's not all over. It’s in Peace Village. It’s good for all of you to get a flavor of what’s happening in Peace Village. I was wondering how many of you have met me for the first time? So, we had been reading these Avyakti signals from the Avyakt Murlis. Every month a theme is chosen, and then many points from different Murlis are selected for us. So, this whole month was the Raas Leela of sanskars. Generally, when a song or dance is happening, we like to be part of that, in that rhythm, but there are some who always want to do what they want. There is great importance of being in a circle for dialogues, for entertainment, for sharing, but this one, Baba is saying, is of sanskars. Baba is saying to change yourself. Sanskars are all different anyway and they will be different, but to have conflict and to keep yourself safe depends on you. No matter what happens, someone’s sanskars are like that, and whether that person changes or not, you can change yourself. So, Baba says that if each one can change themselves, and inculcate the power to accommodate then definitely then the sanskars of others will also become very cool and gentle. Especially these days, there is a lot of force and the heat. You hear so many things, for little things people can fight, they can quarrel, do anything, and it could be violent. So, that’s why they say ‘cool’, so that we don’t aggravate. We don’t react anywhere, not only within the family, but even in the lokik world. If you raise your voice, others will raise theirs higher and then that becomes like the habit. So, I like very much when Baba says to look at yourself, change yourself, and we got a beautiful message from Baba on how we do what we do.

Om Shanti

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