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Catch Your Original and Eternal Pure Sanskars #13

Transformatio_of_Old_Sanskars_13 Mohini_Didi November 13, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Om Shanti! Very beautiful in Shantivan. Things start here in the early morning at 2:30. They start making tea for Baba’s children. Yesterday, I met a group from Baba’s kitchen here, someone who has the duty of making tea, he said that’s how he begins his day. See how much Baba takes care of the children? They have ten thousand Baba’s children from Karnataka and as you all know, there are already at least five thousand, those who live here and they have this colony, we call it B.K. colony. So they all also come for the programs, for the classes.

Whatever Baba says, we understand, but it really takes time. First we understand, we practice, then clear understanding comes. Like today Baba is talking about “difference in thinking and awareness”. Is our awareness based on thinking or does thinking come from awareness? Baba says you all think a lot, I will do this, I will practice this, I will do it ten times a day, but you are not necessarily able to stay in that awareness. So how do we change thinking into awareness? Baba used the word ‘sochta’, sochta is thinking, image of thinking. Most of the people always think, they keep thinking, but Baba is talking about awareness. This is our homework. We will look at ourselves. Before when we used to write a chart, we used to think what should I write? Now everyday, we can write different things in the chart. You can write in the chart, I will do like this, but you are not necessarily able to be in that awareness, in that smriti. So just check and change thinking into awareness. I don’t need to think too much, I just need to be in that awareness. You can connect it with what Baba said, that you should catch the sanskars, original sanskars, eternal sanskars. Now how do we do that? There are two ways, one is creating awareness, by reminding myself about my pure being, I am a pure being, I am a pure soul and stay in that awareness as long as you can.

Actually purity is the main quality. All other qualities emerge from purity. Baba is the One who is Ever Pure, Baba is Ocean of Purity, and because of that, Baba is the Ocean of Love. When there is purity, there’s natural feelings of love. Any kind of impurity reduces our love or doesn’t allow love to emerge. You all must have noticed that when there is really total purity, we have so much love for everyone and it’s through purity that you experience peace because there is nothing to disturb you, nothing to get upset about. You internally just remain peaceful. It’s the purity that is power. So it’s through purity that there’s joy, happiness. So purity is really the main virtue from which all other virtues emerge. Purity is also the main power, from which all the powers emerge. Keep the attention of being aware of my purity, especially as we all were in that stage five thousand years ago. As we were in the beginning, I want to be in that stage of total purity. Actually the practice is that I emerge my original, my stage of purity. We understand that when I am in the Incorporeal World, Soul World, there is total purity. You all must be reflecting on purity. Purity also is unadulterated. That means, there is nothing, no traces of vices or of the past or about anyone. Unadulterated. Whenever there is some mixed, adulterated gun, that is what we call Rajo gun. Tamo is when it is, a lot of mixed, a lot of pollution. Rajo is where it is mixed and then it's Sato and then further than that higher than that is called Sato Pradhan. So, we compare our purity of the Golden Age, as Sato Pradhan.

Now, you can work through smriti, different practices can make us pure. It is only through remembrance that I can become Satopradhan. So purity, unadulterated intellect and mind will help me to be in Baba's remembrance, pure remembrance. Very clear connection of I, the soul, Shiv Baba is also the Supreme Soul. So, in that remembrance, there are two things; one is you will be able to be in remembrance only, then, there is pure intellect. Then the mind is very pure and light, and you are able to be in Baba’s remembrance. It is through remembrance then, whatever is in the deep subconscious mind or merged sanskars, it is through remembrance that they are removed. You become free from that. It is a connection of purity and remembrance, and then remembrance increases my purity. That is why it's very important. It seems to catch those sanskars, but it is more like emerging. When you feel it, you have to sustain it. It's like you feel very pure and light, but for how long? You have to sustain that stage. Oh, I have to be this and stay in that as long as you can. Gradually it will become more hours. Then it could become 24 hours, that's what it has to be. So, we have to become, because we were. I was and I have to become. That will also help us very much. So, then you will always be peaceful. Always be loveful. Always be happy. All will come only when there is purity. When you are moving towards the Sato stage, and Sato Pradhan stage. Then, there will be naturally love for everyone. You're always peaceful, joyful, powerful, blissful.

So, it will be an interesting day to look into that, and then keep a chart that you are only thinking about what you have to be. You in awareness and when you are in awareness, are you feeling that's what you were? Also feel very naturally pure, peaceful and have all the virtues in a very natural way. So, actually every virtue will emerge, if there is purity and the Purifier, is Baba. Through Purifier Baba, I will become ever pure.

Om Shanti

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