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Burn the Devilish Sanskars and Devilish Nature #25

Volcanic_Yoga_25 Mohini_Didi August 25, 2023

Om Shanti! Very happy Dadi’s day, there are many many beautiful qualities Dadi had but as Baba said just be loving, she was very very love full if you make any mistake she will give you more love once she said this one had really done something wrong but needs lot of love otherwise soul will go back into ‘kalyug’ or there will be distance in relationship and then soul won’t be able to receive anything and I was kind of amaze that true love is where wherever anyone is and it’s specially all the souls goes through so many settling of ‘karmic accounts’ they go through different stages but what we have to offer is love and then you get blessings also so it was very beautiful the way Baba was telling about Dadi, she was not only love full but was very powerful as Baba said one support one strength, even we have to get support we need co-operation but our intellect is with One Baba, Baba is the one who will give me power and strength so it was beautiful message then you all also saw president inaugurating the postal stamp of Dadiji, I know it requires lot of effort and I was telling brother Brijmohan that you all have really achieve something very big, before the stamp we had Dadi Janki’s stamp and before Dadi Janki was Brahmababa’s, so it’s very interesting to see where Baba is taking us in service right, Jwalamukhi,’Volcanic yoga means put another stick now so the flame the fire can remain not only ignited but very powerful to get something completely destroyed in fire we need a powerful flame right so this every day one more piece of wood in the flame and definitely fire is becoming very very powerful so why we need this fire to burn the devilish sanskars and devilish nature, a sanskars emerge in nature and through nature we make sanskars that is why there will be lot of different thoughts in the mind different stages but we should always remember I am not going to live the life dictated by my sanskars right, sanskars will always try to tell you what is right, what you should do but I should follow Baba’s Shrimat, immediately just remind yourself but this what my thoughts are but what Baba says so Baba is saying that in the memorial of Goddesses it is portrayed that the devils were burnt with the fire that is the memorial of present time so become volcanic and burn the devilish sanskars and devilish nature, when you burn your old devilish sanskars you will then become fearless, future, worry uncertainty all different kinds of fears are coming from the sanskars, you will become fearless, volcanic and also be able to burn tamoguni traits that are in matter and the souls. Matter is also tamoguni and souls are also tamoguni. So whether we eat Brahmabhojan or we breath we have to remember Baba right eat in Baba’s remembrance cook in Baba’s remembrance so that it’s becomes pure, of course we offer Baba but still remembrance is very important. So tomorrow’s homework to burn our devilish nature and devilish sanskars.

Om Shanti.


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