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Burn Away the Old Sanskars #8

Determined_Thought_8 Mohini_Didi February 8, 2023

Om Shanti!

Long travel, reached Delhi, nice to meet all of you. I'm sure you all are very well.

Baba had been emphasising that the past sanskars should be like the past birth. I think that nature has created this kind of system that when we change the body even sanskars are there, but the child doesn't remember. The child starts cultivating new sanskars with new relationships, new parents, new home, new culture, everything, wherever the child is born. So, Baba is saying that it should be the same with your old sanskars, you shouldn't even remember those sanskars. We know that when someone gives you direction, a person tells you what to do, you sometimes feel why I have to do that but the sanskars dictate to the mind. They keep telling the mind that you should be like this, or you have a lot of different kinds of thoughts. If you really observe, and are attentive, you can immediately notice that an old sanskar is emerging. So that is why one good method is to take points from Murli like “I am an elevated soul”, “I am a special soul”, “I am a valuable soul”, “I am an instrument for world service”. Constantly have elevated thoughts, and when you have elevated thoughts, in a very natural way, the past will be gone. Baba is saying to just burn them. Now what is burning? The power of yoga. Yoga is considered to be fire, I call it ‘purifier’. Baba is Purifier but Baba says you have to burn the fire of yoga. So when you burn the fire of yoga, you can burn all the past sins in those sanskars. I have to create a stage of being merged, and we have to do it because we have been talking a lot about concentration.

So, just take Baba's love for quite a while and strongly stay in that love. When you stay in that love, Baba's love, then the sanskars will change, sanskars of love, God's love will emerge. So when you do that, then naturally you know you will feel that the past has really become the past. I think it's like we are holding onto something, and it becomes a kind of dependency, or you also become addicted. Whatever behavior pattern emerges, we definitely say it is because of what I got in my family, this is what I received as a child, but actually yes all that happened, but now I am God's child. I think it does happen when we come to Baba, that we have so much intoxication and constantly have the thought, “I'm a God's child”. Baba had been saying to claim your inheritance, and Baba is making us worthy through education, in the sense of studying in the morning, revision of Murli, and churning of knowledge. So if the past is strong, my presence is not strong, if my present is powerful and I am cultivating a lot at present, then the past will be less powerful and then finally it will disappear. Attention to the present will help us, because we are also creating the future. If today my stage is very good, it will help me to decide properly, and doing things properly means I am creating a future. So we need to see the importance of the present. Baba also says that if you stay in the present, you will get presents-gifts. So we have to see and feel the joy of getting all those gifts and different experiences.

As much as the present is powerful, the past will disappear or become less powerful and that is why Baba has given us the title of “Trikaldarshi” - one who can learn and see the three aspects of time. So, what is important according to three aspects of time? The awareness of the self as God's child and also of all the other qualities as God’s child. Most important is the fortune and the privilege to serve the world. All the changes, transformation of awareness, of attitude, of drishti, of actions, not only most elevated but to be an example for everyone. So, in all different aspects and relationships, when you think about what is most important, even relationships, you won't be pulled by any relationship, you will be very happy with the present. Baba also wants us to burn the sanskars, so what is left? There are ashes, and then they take ashes to immerse it in the Ganges or somewhere in the water. Baba is saying “I am the Ocean, burn the sanskars so that what is left are ashes, and then ashes also have to be thrown, merged, because if you keep the ashes then the soul still has a pull towards the body. I mean all these social systems and customs are created based on spirituality, but then they just become more like rituals. So, burning of sanskars. Some souls ask, are sanskars really burned? Now this is like you have light, and before light there was darkness. If someone said, “Oh, does darkness still exist?” What would we say? No, it's not there, it has been dispelled, and that is why there is light. So when something light comes, then darkness is dispelled, knowledge comes, and ignorance is dispelled. The same is here when divine sanskars, pure sanskars are cultivated, they will remain emerged. So some say, “What about the old ones?” Old ones are sanskars, and they will be either positive or negative. So when you cultivate positive sanskars, negative ones are not there, either there will be light or darkness, both cannot exist at the same time. That means when I have knowledge, I have light, creating, cultivating new sanskars, and the old ones are not there.

So, if you realise this, then you will pay a lot of attention to cultivating a new sanskar. Whatever happens, I have to remain peaceful. When you have to be peaceful, sometimes you have to tolerate, sometimes you have to adjust, you have to use the powers. Once it becomes your nature or sanskars of being peaceful, then what will happen? It will be very natural, and you will remain peaceful. That means the habit of getting upset, disturbed, will all be gone and you will have a good practice of staying in self-respect. So, when there is self-respect and then of course Baba's remembrance, Baba tells us about the effort we do at present, and then other sanskars disappear. So, let's see how we burn these old sanskars and then cultivate the new sanskars, which are very important. Om Shanti, and let us remember Baba for a few minutes.

Om Shanti

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