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Bestowers, that is, deities, the ones who give #14

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_14 Mohini_Didi November 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well and okay? We celebrated Diwali, and there were a lot of celebrations. In Gujarat, and some parts of India, they also have new year, and then they have a tilak of victory for brothers. They call it Bhaiya Dooj. So many things are happening. Celebrations are good, good energy. We don’t do too much, but it's still good to celebrate. Life is a celebration. Every personality, the image shows the quality. The image shows the quality of bestowing, of giving. It will be like a deity image because deities are the symbol of giving. Baba has been saying a lot about some personalities, whenever they never look around or look at people, their attention will go on what they have and what they could get from them. They feel very happy when it comes to receiving. For blessings it is fine, but for material things you don’t want to accumulate. There is bestowing or giving from the heart with the feeling, especially at the Confluence Age, feelings of benevolence, bringing transformation in the soul, making the soul liberated from the influence of others. It is really very subtle to observe whatever I decide is the influence, because whatever we decide, it influences the lives of many. Especially if you are an authority, but there is a possibility of a lot of deceit. Whether you are the head of a family or an organization, you have to make sure that you are guided in life based on principles. Baba's Shrimat actually are the principles. It’s only when you get liberated from an influence that you know, but if you hold onto the principles, then any personality will not influence you to an extent that you make wrong decisions. So we have to be very careful. Baba is saying that in every thought of you elevated souls, let there be blessings from the heart for the benefit of everyone. What is in your heart when you bless others? What benefit will it bring to others? Elevated transformation for the benefit of everyone, elevated transformation for making the souls free from being influenced. Dadi Janki used to say to check every time that whatever I am saying, advising, opinions, ideas, are they influenced by someone? So, making souls free from being influenced and the greetings of happiness will be naturally visible, because all of you are bestowers. You are deities; ones who give. Whatever is in the mind, it comes in our image, in our feelings. We also look at what Baba gave, how He gave, whatever Baba gave is to the souls, for the souls, purity of the souls, love for the souls. So we are also Bestowers, we also think about the benefits of others. There shouldn't be an attitude of receiving all the time. It is very subtle not to have feelings of reward as a return of giving. Baba says that every action does bring the award. It’s not possible that you won’t get anything, but not to have the desire. So, you can churn more on that, what we have to do, that we were deities. Then what you give, definitely, you also receive.

Om Shanti

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